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ISSN: 2950-273X

Andrew McAinch

Editors-in-Chief, Advanced Exercise and Health Science

Institute for Health and Sport, Victoria University, Australia

Institute for Health and Sport, Victoria University, Australia


Introduction: Professor McAinch brings his expertise as a dietitian, sports dietitian and exercise and molecular physiology to his role as Editor-in-Chief of Advanced Exercise and Health Science. He undertakes cellular, animal and human interventions to understand how our bodies respond and adapt to alterations in dietary fatty acids, proteins and different types of exercise. His findings are used to identify treatment modalities to prevent and manage lifestyle associated diseases and how nutrition can be utilised to enhance performance and recovery in athletes.
Prof McAinch's research has been supported by over 30 internationally/nationally competitive and commercially funded research grants worth over $5 million AUD. He has a history of working with industry on the scientific evidence for their endeavours. He has published over 100 manuscripts with over 80% of these in top quartile ranked journals according to SCImago and a h-index of 30.
Professor McAinch has supervised to completion 17 PhD students and 12 honours students. He currently supervises 7 PhD students, and is a committee member of 2 PhD students with his collaborator at the University of Texas at El Paso, USA.
Professor McAinch is currently Associate Dean Research and Research Training, College of Sport, Health and Engineering, Victoria University, Australia.

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