Special Issue on Cities and Climate Change

Published 08 December, 2023


Cities are home to 57% of the world’s population and are responsible for over 70% of global consumption-related carbon emissions. Moreover, cities contribute to more than 80% of the gross domestic product in many countries. Hence, cities have a central role to play in the ongoing fight against climate change.

This special session aims to explore the associations between cities and climate change, offering a platform for the latest discoveries and insights. We welcome contributions to sustainable urban development, climate resilience, and innovative solutions. key areas of focus include:

  • City’s climate change and impacts;
  • Greenhouse gas emissions in cities and the role of cities in mitigating and adapting to climate change;
  • Dynamics between climate change mitigation and sustainable development of cities; and
  • Climate strategies, policies, and actions implemented by cities.

Submissions should be original and unpublished which contribute to our understanding of cities and climate change. We welcome both empirical and theoretical contributions, as well as interdisciplinary research that bridges the gap between social science and climate science perspectives.

To submit your paper, please follow the submission guidelines and indicate that your submission is intended for the special issue on "Cities & Climate Change." We look forward to receiving your contributions and fostering the dialogue on this critical topic.

Important deadlines:

  • Submission deadline: 31 May 2024
  • Publication date: 31 December 2024

Guest Editors:

Prof Zhifu Mi, University College London, UK.  z.mi@ucl.ac.uk

Prof Xuemei Bai, Australian National University, Australia. xuemei.bai@anu.edu.au

Prof Panmao Zhai, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, China. pmzhai@cma.gov.cn

Prof Jianyun Zhang, Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute, China. jyzhang@nhri.cn

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