Advances in Climate Change Research Attended 2017EGU General Assembly in Austria

Published 28 April, 2017

The 2017 EGU meeting attracted more than 17 000 scientists and researchers from all over the world.

As an exhibitor, Advances in Climate Change Research highlighted its two latest issues:

  • Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 113-200 (September 2016)
    Including special topic on atmospheric black carbon and its effects on cryosphere
    Edited by Kang Shi-Chang
  • Volume 7, Issue 4, Pages 201-264 (December 2016)
    Including special topic on Sino-India monitor on NDCs
    Edited by Rajendra Kumar PACHAURI

The journal's Editorial Office also distributed gifts to booth visitors.

We enjoyed being at the exhibition, and thank you to those who visited the booth for a talk!

Chinese translation below

实时播报:Advances in Climate Change Research 于2017 EGU年会



  • Special Topic on Atmospheric Black Carbon and Its Effects on Cryosphere
  • Special Topic on Sino-India Monitor on NDCs



Prof. Da-He QIN, Editor-in-Chief of Advances in Climate Change Research
Exhibiton hall at the EGU
Journal Booth: a variety of giveawaya (latest issues, flyers, sticky notes, etc.) stacked neatly in piles on the table
Dr. Xiaoling Wang, Executive Associate Editor of Advances in Climate Change Research, presents and introduces the journal to EGU participants.
A booth visitor helps to fill in the journal survey.
Mr. Christoph Matulla from ZAMG, the National Climate Center of Austria, is very surprised and excited to discover that his supervisor Dr. Xuebin Zhang belongs to the journal editorial team as an Associate Editor-in-Chief.
Italian scientists read carefully through the journal materials.
Many scientists from different parts of the world came to visit the booth and showed great interest in the journal.

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