Animal Nutrition moves to article-based publishing

Published 12 July, 2021

Animal Nutrition, beginning with volume 7, issue 3 (July 2021), will now move to article-based publishing rather than issue-based publishing.

What does this mean for authors?

  • Final articles will be published as soon as they are ready rather than being compiled into a journal issue
  • Articles will be available online faster
  • Researchers can begin citing the research as soon as the article appears online

What is article-based publishing?

Article-based publishing is publishing an article into an “issue in progress” as soon as it is accepted for publication and proofs have been prepared and approved by the author and editors, rather than waiting for the whole issue to be published in its entirety. Until now, articles had to wait until a journal issue was ready to be assigned page numbers. From now on, every time an individual article is finished, it receives a page range and is published online inside an issue in progress. Each finished article follows the previous one, until the issue in progress is filled with fully-citable articles.

We look forward to feedback from our authors and readers on the new publishing model for Animal Nutrition.

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