Bioactive Materials

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Bioactive Materials

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Bioactive Materials is an international, peer-reviewed research publication covering all aspects of bioactive materials. The journal welcomes the submission of research papers, reviews and rapid commu...

Bioactive Materials is an international, peer-reviewed research publication covering all aspects of bioactive materials. The journal welcomes the submission of research papers, reviews and rapid communications that are concerned with the science and engineering of next-generation biomaterials that come into contact with cells, tissues or organs across all living species. Bioactive materials will feature adaptiveness to the biological environment, being designed to stimulate and/or direct appropriate cellular and tissue responses, or control interactions with microbiological species.

The journal publishes research on the entire range of bioactive materials that have been specifically and functionally engineered or designed in term of either their physical form (e.g. particulate, fibre, etc.), topology (e.g. porosity, surface roughness, etc.) or dimensions (i.e. macro to nano-scales). The journal invites contributions from the following categories of bioactive materials : (i) bioactive metals and alloys, (ii) bioactive inorganics: ceramics, glasses and carbon-based materials, (iii) bioactive polymers and gels, (iv) bioactive materials sourced from nature and (v) bioactive composites, for use in human or veterinary medicine as implants, tissue engineering scaffolds, cell/drug/gene carriers, imaging and sensing devices.

Peer review
This journal operates a single blind review process. All contributions will be initially assessed by the editor for suitability for the journal. Papers deemed suitable are then sent to a minimum of two independent expert reviewers to assess the scientific quality of the paper. The Editor is responsible for the final decision regarding acceptance or rejection of articles. The Editor's decision is final. More information on types of peer review.
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Piezoresistive MXene/Silk fibroin nanocomposite hydrogel for accelerating bone regeneration by Re-establishing electrical microenvironment

Microarchitectural mimicking of stroma-induced vasculature compression in pancreatic tumors using a 3D engineered model

A platinum@polymer-catechol nanobraker enables radio-immunotherapy for crippling melanoma tumorigenesis, angiogenesis, and radioresistance

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1. An overview of filtration efficiency through the masks: Mechanisms of the aerosols penetration

2. 3D cell-printing of gradient multi-tissue interfaces for rotator cuff regeneration

3. A multi-axis robot-based bioprinting system supporting natural cell function preservation and cardiac tissue fabrication

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Bone grafts and biomaterials substitutes for bone defect repair: A review

3D bioactive composite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

3D bioprinting for biomedical devices and tissue engineering: A review of recent trends and advances

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Bioactive Materials welcomes four new Associate Editors in 2022

BAM Associate Editor Prof. Eben Alsberg wins TERMIS-AM’s 2022 Senior Scientist Award

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