Special Issue: Antibacterial materials and antibacterial surface technologies for dental application

Published 28 July, 2017

Infection or inflammation is increasing complain in implantation. As an effective method to reduce infection and inflammation, antibacterial materials and surface antibacterial technology have attracted much attention worldwide. By material design, microstructure control and surface modification, implant exhibits strong antibacterial properties as well as good cell compatibility. Recently, many achievements have been reported, including the antibacterial metal alloy, corrosion resistance, bio-function of antibacterial material, in vitro and in vivo study of the antibacterial materials, new antibacterial surface technologies and antibacterial mechanism. The unique ability of antibacterial materials and surface antibacterial technology to act as functional substrates or devices able to interact with a wide range of biological entities is the motivation behind the present special issue: Antibacterial materials and antibacterial surface technology for dental application. This special issue will aim to present the latest results in the preparation and design of antibacterial materials and surfaces that result in bioactive materials or induce material-biological responses, encompassing the full range of industrial or commercial applications.

This special issue welcomes research as well as review articles that showcase the emerging importance of antibacterial materials and surface, and their ability to interact with the biological world. Preference will be given to articles that elucidate the interactions or relationships between antibacterial materials and living organisms.

Paper submission due:
30 November 2017

Guest Editors:
Prof. Erlin Zhang (Managing Guest Editor)
Northeastern University
Email: zhangel@atm.neu.edu.cn

Prof. Xuanyong Liu
Shanghai Institute of Ceramics
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Shanghai, China
Email: xyliu@mail.sic.ac.cn

Prof. Ya Shen
Department of Oral Biological & Medical Sciences
Faculty of Dentistry
The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada

Prof. Her-Hsiung Huang
Department of Dentistry
National Yang-Ming University
Taipei, Taiwan
Email: hhhuang@ym.edu.tw

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