Special Issue: From Electrospinning to Bioactive Materials

Published 24 August, 2016

We are now accepting papers for a special issue: From Electrospinning to Bioactive Materials. The deadline is 31 May 2017.

Electrospinning is a well-established, century-old process used to create continuous sub-micron to nano-scale sized fibres from a broad range of natural and synthetic materials with a high surface area to volume ratio. More recently, a widespread research effort reflects the strong interest in developing new materials and applications for electrospun fibres at the material-biology interface. The unique ability of electrospun materials to act as functional substrates or devices able to interact with a wide range of biological entities is the motivation behind the present special issue: From Electrospinning to Bioactive Materials. This special issue will aim to present the latest results in the manufacture and design of electrospun materials that result in bioactive materials or induce material-biological responses, encompassing the full range of industrial or commercial applications.


This special issue welcomes research as well as review articles that showcase the emerging importance of electrospun materials and their ability to interact with the biological world. Preference will be given to articles that elucidate the interactions or relationships between electrospun materials and living organisms. The broad fields of research relevant to this special issue include both structural biology (molecular to cellular level) and physiological biology (plant or animal). Interested authors are encouraged to contact mark.staiger@canterbury.ac.nz for general queries or if they wish to check regarding the suitability of their article for this special issue.

Managing Guest Editor

Mark P. Staiger, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Guest Editors

Nick Tucker, University of Lincoln, United Kingdom

A. H. Nurfaizey, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia

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