3D Printing and Biomanufacturing

Published 30 October, 2018

3D printing (including additive manufacturing, bioprinting, and 4D printing) and biomanufacturing (including producing biomolecules, biomaterials, cells and tissues) integrate life science and engineering fundamentals, and are growing rapidly. These technologies are significantly advancing biomedical research, providing a new industrial revolution, and potentially improving clinical treatments. This special issue aims to present the recent advancements in 3D printing and biomanufacturing and their applications in biomedical research and clinical practice. Submissions as research articles or review articles are all welcome. Original contributions are encouraged in, but not limited to, the following topics: bioink development and characterization, software and hardware development and modification, tissue and organ printing for regeneration or as microphysiological model, biomedical device fabrication and application (including implants, medical instruments, prosthetics, and orthotics), large-scale cell culture and protein fabrication, antibody manufacturing, stem cell biomanufacturing including stem cell culture and differentiation technologies, and synthetic biology for biomanufacturing including the design of synthetic cells.

Guest Editors

  • Bin Duan, University of Nebraska Medical Center, bin.duan@unmc.edu
  • Michael Sealy, University of Nebraska Lincoln, sealy@unl.edu
  • Xiaojun Lance Lian, Penn State University, xul34@psu.edu
  • Qing Cai, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, caiqing@mail.buct.edu.cn


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