Bioactive Ceramics and Glasses

Published 19 September, 2018

Bioactive ceramics and glasses have been considered as one of the most suitable materials for orthopedic and dental implants, bone grafts, as well as scaffolds for tissue engineering. They can also be developed as wound dressing for acute and chronic would healing. The development of bioactive ceramics and glasses has progressed from first generation bioinert materials and second generation bioactive ceramics toward third generation bioactive ceramics and glasses with regenerative functions. Various technologies have emerged to introduce micro- and nanoscale features as topographical cues in addition to biochemical cues for cells to respond. Therefore, a synergistic combination of bioactive materials and cell therapy offers an attractive approach to promote tissue regeneration.  This special issue aims to present the latest achievements in the design and fabrication of bioactive ceramics and glasses that induce adequate material-cell or material-biological tissue responses. Original research articles and review articles that showcase the emerging importance of bioactive ceramics and glasses and their ability to interact with the cells and biological tissues are welcome. Special preference will be given to articles that elucidate the interactions or relationships between bioactive ceramics and glasses and living organisms.

Submission Deadline:

  • 31 March 2020

Guest Editors:

  • Donghui Zhu, Stony Brook University

  • Jincheng Du, University of North Texas

Submission information

Please choose “Ceramics and glasses” when submitting your manuscript in the online submission system.

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