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Process optimization and influence of processing conditions on physical, thermal and textural characteristics of Nigerian pasta produced from acha flour and defatted Moringa oleifera powder

The consumption of Nigerian lesser known crops has been advocated by many researchers. Replacement of wheat flour with acha (Digitaria exilis) and de-fatted Moringa oleifera cake in pasta production...

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Interdisciplinary innovation involving food science and physics: Food Physics

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Application of multi-frequency ultrasonic thawing on pork: Thawing rate, quality properties and microstructure

This study investigated the effects of ultrasonication on thawing rate, physicochemical properties, water migration, distribution and microstructure of pork at different frequency combination modes...

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Printing the future of food: The physics perspective on 3D food printing

The field of 3D food printing is poised to revolutionize the gastronomic landscape by offering precise and customized food creations. This short review explores the fundamental concepts and physical...

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Effects of electrostatic field-assisted freezing on the functional properties and aggregation behavior of gluten

Changes in gluten during the freezing process could cause a deterioration in dough quality, which would be solved by electrostatic field treatment. This paper investigated the effects of electrostatic...

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Prediction of physicochemical and textural properties of post-harvest ‘Hayward’ kiwifruit based on creep properties

The main purpose of this study was to explore the feasibility of predicting the physicochemical and texture characteristics of ‘Hayward’ kiwifruit through a theoretical model. Sixteen physicochemical...

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Effect of ultrasound-assisted fermentation on physicochemical properties and volatile flavor compounds of Chinese rice wine

The traditional fermentation method for Chinese rice wine (RW) production has some limitations such as difficulty in controlling quality, long brewing time, and thin taste. In this study, ultrasonic...

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