Special Issue on Role of ChatGPT on Gastroenterology: Let’s Chat about the Future

Published 10 April, 2023


Globally, ChatGPT has stirred significant interest in academic fields. Its potential for generating clinical diagnoses, research projects, and academic papers cannot be underestimated. It is certain that ChatGPT will have a major influence on gastroenterology as well. This special issue explores the prospects and challenges of ChatGPT's application to gastroenterology in detail.

Topics covered:

  • ChatGPT and medicine;
  • ChatGPT and scientific research and article writing in gastroenterology;
  • Artificial intelligence and gastroenterology and endoscopy
  • ChatGPT and gastroenterology
  • ChatGPT and hepatology
  • ChatGPT and endoscopy
  • ChatGPT and pathology
  • ChatGPT and early cancer screening
  • ChatGPT from the perspective of patients with digestive diseases

Important Deadlines:

  • Submission deadline: [10 June 2023].

Submission Instructions:

Please read the [Guide for Authors] before submitting. All articles should be [submitted online], please select [Role of ChatGPT on Gastroenterology: Let’s Chat about the Future] on submission.

Guest Editors:

Relevant topics and keywords:

ChatGPT, AI, artificial intelligence, gastroenterology, digestive disease, hepatology, endoscopy

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