Special Issue: Quality and Authenticity of Specialty Oils

Published 20 September, 2023


Specialty oils are edible oils that have distinctive characteristics in their chemical composition, physical properties, organoleptic attributes, health benefits, or origin from conventional edible oils. Specialty oils include those from various plant sources, including olive, avocado, grapeseed, sesame, almond, walnut, flaxseed and hemp. Often marketed as gourmet products or functional foods, specialty oils hold considerable appeal for consumers due to their superior quality, natural origins and nutritional value.

As the demand for specialty oils continues to surge, it presents rising challenges in ensuring their quality and authenticity. Quality assessment includes the evaluation of the physicochemical and sensory parameters that reflect the freshness, stability, and safety of the oils. Authentication involves the verification of the identity, origin, and purity of the oils, as well as the detection of possible adulterations. Both aspects are crucial for ensuring consumer trust and company reputation, as well as compliance with the relevant regulations

This special issue of Quality and Authenticity of Specialty Oils aims to offer readers the latest insights into the quality and authentication of specialty oils. The topics covered include:

  • The chemical, physical, and sensory properties of economically important specialty oils.
  • The analytical methods and techniques for assessing the quality and authenticity of specialty oils.
  • The challenges and opportunities for improving the quality and authentication of specialty oils in terms of innovation, sustainability, and traceability.
  • The cooking performance and safety assessment of special oils.
  • The by-products of specialty oils: proteins, polysaccharides, polyphenols, etc.
  • This special issue will be of interest and value to researchers, students, professionals, and stakeholders involved in the production, processing, analysis, regulation, marketing, and consumption of specialty oils. The special issue will hopefully stimulate further research and collaboration in this important and dynamic field.

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Guest Editor-in-Chief

Kenny Xie

Email: kyx@usp.org

Kenny Xie is a principal scientist at US Pharmacopeia. He received his bachelor’s degree in biological science at Nankai University; received his PhD in nutrition and food science at the University of Maryland College Park; and received his MBA at the Robert H Smith school of business at the University of Maryland. He was a staff scientist at International Chemistry Testing from 2013-2016. Since 2016, he has been the scientific liaison, senior scientific liaison, and principal scientist at USP. Since 2019, he served as a special graduate faculty at the University of Maryland College Park. He is a guest editor at Foods, Frontiers in Immunology, an associate editor at Grain & Oil Science and Technology, editor board member at Journal of AOAC International, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, ACS Food Science and Technology, and Journal of Human Nutrition and Food Science. He serves as volunteer role in ACS-AGFD, IFT, and AOAC Expert Review Panel. In 2012, he was a finalist for the American Chemical Society AGFD Dissertation Competition, won the Young Scientist Award of Food Integrity in 2017, and won the AGFD Industrial Young Scientist Award of the American Chemical Society in 2023.

Guest Editors

Qing Zhang

Email: zhangqing@sicau.edu.cn

Professor Qing Zhang is the associate dean of College of Food Science at the Sichuan Agricultural University. He is also the deputy director of Key Laboratory of Agricultural Product Processing and Nutrition and Health of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (jointly built by the Ministry and the province). Dr. Zhang was rewarded his PhD of Food Science and Engineering from China Agricultural University in 2014. Dr. Zhang was recruited as a lecture of Food Science and Engineering by Sichuan Agricultural University, and as an associate professor in 2017 and then as a professor in 2022. Dr. Zhang was a visiting scholar at the department of Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science, University of Alberta in 2019-2020. Dr. Zhang is the reserve candidate for the Academic and Technical Leaders in Sichuan Province and has published more than 140 articles in international journals and get a h-index of 38 (Scopus). He also rewarded a second prize of science and technology progress award in Sichuan province. Dr. Zhang’ interest is in food science and technology, focusing on 1) the construction of bean or pulses protein/polysaccharide complexes or conjugates-based nanocarriers for the encapsulation, protection, and release of lipophilic bioactive compounds and their application in processed foods, 2) soybean product processing and mechanism: interactions between proteins and carbohydrates during soymilk (colloid food) or soybean curd (gel food) processing and their influence on quality attributes, and 3) chemistry of frying oil: component analysis and quality control during deep-fat frying.

Ping Zhan

Email: zhanping0993@126.com

Dr. Ping Zhan is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor in Shaanxi Normal University. She received her Ph.D. degree in Food Science from Jiangnan University in 2013. Her research interest focuses on the field of Food Flavor Chemistry, mainly involving the evaluation of food flavor quality, mechanism of food flavor alienation and fitting, and intelligent recognition of food flavor quality and its control technology. She has published 50+ peer-reviewed papers in the scientific journals of Food Chemistry, Food Research International, Food Science and Human Wellness, LWT-Food Science and Technology, and Food Analytical Methods, applied for 10 invention patents (6 authorized), edited 3 books, and established 3 enterprise standards. In addition, as the major contributor, her scientific contribution has been well recognized by numerous awards, including 3 second Prize of ministerial (provincial) technology progress, 2 second Prize of municipal technology progress, and the other 4 awards. Dr. Ping Zhan is also served as a director of Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, the editorial board member of Chinese periodicals “Science and Technology of Food Industry” and an English Journal “Grain & Oil Science and Technology”.

Liangxiao Zhang

Email: zhanglx@caas.cn

Professor Liangxiao Zhang is executive Principal investigator of  the Innovation Team for Oilseed Quality, Safety and Risk Assessment at Institute of Oil Crops, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and a professional scientist in National Peanut Industry Technology System. He was selected as National Youth Talents, Outstanding Talents in Agricultural Research by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and B-class Leading Talents in Agricultural Science by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. He also serves as a member of Global Council for Innovation in Rapeseed and Canola, International Association of Dietetic Nutrition and Safety, the Deputy Secretary General of Branch of Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products of China Association of Agricultural Science Societies, the Deputy Editor in Chief of Oil Crop Science, the Editorial Board of BMC Chemistry, and the Youth Editorial Board of Grain&Oil Science and Technology.Prof. Zhang is mainly engaged in quality, safety and risk assessment of oilseeds and their products. He hosted general projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and National Key Research and Development Program of China. Til now, as first or corresponding author, he has published more than 90 papers including 55 papers indexed by SCI. He is the first inventor of 8 granted invention patents, including 3 international patents. He received the first prize for technological invention in Hubei Province, the Youth Science and Technology Award of China Association of Agricultural Science Societies, and the Outstanding Young Talent Award granted by Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Liang Li


Professor Li Liang is the associate dean of College of Food Science at the Northeast Agricultural University. He is also the Visiting scholar from the United States, Ten thousand outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship mentors across the country, Famous Teaching Teachers in Heilongjiang Province and Young Creative Talents in Heilongjiang Province and the obtainer of Heilongjiang Province Outstanding Youth Funds. Dr. Li serves as Director of the Traditional Brewing Food Branch of the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology, Executive Secretary of Heilongjiang Provincial Grain and Oil Association, Chairman of the Youth Committee of Heilongjiang Provincial Society of Food Science and Technology, etc. Dr. Li’ interest is in grain oil processing. He undertook more than 20 projects including national key research and development projects, National Natural Science Foundation of China. Dr. Li has published near 100 papers in the scientific journals, including more than 50 SCI/EI and he has won three scientific research awards, including the Second Prize for Science and Technology Progress in Heilongjiang Province. He is a Chairman of the Youth Editorial Committee of "Science and Technology of Food Industry", Chief Editor of "Polymers" Special Issue, editor board member at Journal of "Grain & Oil Science and Technology", etc.

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