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Impacts of intelligent transportation systems on energy conservation and emission reduction of transport systems: A comprehensive review

With the development of smart cities, new requirements have been put forward for the control of carbon emissions (CEs) in the transportation system. Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) provide...

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An integrated outlook of Cyber–Physical Systems for Industry 4.0: Topical practices, architecture, and applications

Industry 4.0 requires a strong understanding of Cyber–Physical Systems (CPS). An Industry 4.0-enabled manufacturing environment that offers real-time data gathering, transparency and analysis across...

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A pervasive study on Green Manufacturing towards attaining sustainability

Green Manufacturing is the term for innovative production methods aimed at reducing adverse environmental impacts via waste reduction, waste recycling, better natural resource utilisation, and other...

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Optimization and design of hybrid power system using HOMER pro and integrated CRITIC-PROMETHEE II approaches

Interrupted power supply and poor access to electricity (15%) have been persistent problems in Malawi for decades. Diversification of resources is required to solve the challenges. Therefore, this study...

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Analysis of the drivers of Agriculture 4.0 implementation in the emerging economies: Implications towards sustainability and food security

Global food insecurity has become a significant concern, especially for emerging economies. The crisis has been exacerbated recently due to the intense supply chain disruption resulting from the COVID-19...

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Changes and improvements in Industry 5.0: A strategic approach to overcome the challenges of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has introduced new technological advances such as Additive Manufacturing (AM), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Cyber–physical systems (CPS), Blockchain, Cybersecurity...

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Green technologies and sustainability: A new trend

This paper provides a view of green technologies with the relations to sustainability. This paper also discusses the needs of the new international journal, Green Technologies and Sustainability (G...

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Simulation study on the low carbon transition process in Japan’s electricity market

Low carbon transition (LCT) is a key issue in the future development of human society, and the full application of renewable electricity is the top priority. The process of transition is extremely complex,...

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Unearthing the barriers of Internet of Things adoption in food supply chain: A developing country perspective

The food industry substantially contributes to global economic and social development despite several complications such as food safety and security, traceability, food quality, etc. These challenges...

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Modelling agricultural land suitability for vegetable crops farming using RS and GIS in conjunction with bivariate techniques in the Uttar Dinajpur district of Eastern India

This study aims to evaluate agricultural land suitability for vegetable crop farming in the Uttar Dinajpur district. For performing the land suitability, the bivariate statistical techniques like frequency...

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Blockchain based smart contract for cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks for sustainable beyond 5G wireless communication

Cognitive radio networks allow opportunistic spectrum access to the unlicensed users, which rely on effective spectrum sensing. Recently, cooperative sensing has been found to improve sensing reliability....

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A comparative study on performance of KOH and 32%KOH/ZrO 2-7 catalysts for biodiesel via transesterification of waste Adansonia digitata oil

Biodiesel was produced from waste Adansonia digitata oil using KOH as homogeneous and 32%KOH/ZrO 2-7 as heterogeneous catalyst. A comparison between the yields and properties of the biodiesel obtained...

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Sandbox oil biodiesel production modeling and optimization with neural networks and genetic algorithm

This current study focused on biobased diesel fuel production from sandbox (Hura crepitans) oil (HCO) through a single-step transesterification process with KOH as the base catalyst and methanol as...

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Natural plant revegetation on three reclaimed gold mined sites in South Western Ghana

Mining companies in Ghana have been encouraged by law and policy to reclaim degraded mined sites using native tree species. The study assessed stand structure, compositional dynamics, conservation and...

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