Special Issue on National Park and Natural Heritage Protection

Published 28 October, 2020

The ecological and open spaces created by China’s national park system and natural protected area system, are essential components of the country’s Ecological Civilization and Beautiful China initiatives. Over the past three years, much effort has been made to successfully enhance these.

The term “natural heritage” refers to the natural features, geological and physiographical formations, and delineated areas that constitute the habitat of threatened species of animals and plants, as well as natural sites of value from a science, conservation, or natural beauty perspective. This heritage is inherited from past generations and is maintained in the present, before being bestowed on future generations.

Beijing Normal University will host the International Symposium on National Park and Natural Heritage Protection on 12-13 December 2020. The symposium aims to 1) carry out in-depth research on protection of these assets; 2) disseminate and share knowledge and experience; 3) collect best practice cases; 4) promote further improvement and implementation of protection policies; and 5) build a platform for cooperation and communication between government, enterprises and research institutes in the field of national park and natural heritage protection.

Understanding your expertise and knowledge in this area, we cordially invite you to contribute a paper to this special issue. We would be grateful if you could confirm your participation by emailing us at geoheritage@126.com.

Topics covered:

  • Concepts, methods, approaches and practice
  • National park conservation and management
  • Natural heritage conservation and management
  • National park system
  • Natural protected area system
  • Protection and monitoring of natural resources
  • Legislation concerning natural resources
  • Ecological experience and environmental interpretation

Important Deadlines:

  • Submission deadline: 31 March 2021

Submission Instructions:

Please read the Guide for Authors before you submit. All articles should be submitted online ; please select “Special Issue: National Park and Natural Heritage Protection”.

All communications should be sent to geoheritage@126.com.

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