Blockchain for secured vehicular communication systems

Published 26 September, 2022


In the era of digitisation, blockchain has the potential to increase digital security in almost all domains, from data science, intelligent computing and supply chain to the Internet of Things (IoT) environment and politics. Blockchain technology is a distributed database or immutable ledger shared among various participating nodes in the computer network. It is renowned for its abilities to ensure fidelity, secure storage of data transactions and non-third-party trust generation.

The automobile industry is experiencing devasting changes with the propagation of intelligent transportation, vehicular communications, and advancements in wireless communication systems. Vehicular communication system advancements enable interactions between vehicles and roadside infrastructure, including potentially life-saving audio, visual and tactile alerts to warn drivers about possible dangers. Various sensors, communication interfaces and information systems are connected to form the vehicle to vehicle communication system. Ways to ensure the security of those information transmissions and the data generated by the sensors are still being explored. Blockchain with smart contracts has the potential to resolve this problem.

Topics covered: 

  • Blockchain for vehicle-to-vehicle communication
  • Automotive security and privacy through blockchain
  • Blockchain for intelligent computation management and tracking
  • Blockchain-enabled vehicular network supply chain management
  • Blockchain for internet of smart vehicles
  • Blockchain and autonomous vehiclecommunication
  • Blockchain-based smart traffic data management
  • Smart sensor roads and agent network air traffic signal control
  • Artificial intelligence in blockchain-based vehicular communication
  • Inter-vehicular communication using blockchain
  • Efficient energy trading in electric vehicles using blockchain
  • Low latency response for blockchain-enabled vehicular communication using Edge computing
  • Secured vehicular ad-hoc networks using blockchain
  • The improved efficiency of blockchain with future advancements

Important deadlines:

  • Submission deadline: 10 January 2023
  • First notification:  10 March 2023
  • Final paper due: 20 April 2023
  • Publication: 20 May 2023

Submission instructions: 

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All submissions must be original and should not be under review for publication elsewhere. Conference papers may be submitted, only if the paper is completely re-written or substantially (80%) extended. For additional questions, please contact the Guest Editors. All submitted papers will be peer reviewed using the normal standards of the journal.

Guest Editors: 

  • Handling Editor: Dr. Prabadevi B, Vellore Institute of Technology, India. Email:
  • Co-Editor: Dr. Gautam Srivastava, Brandon University, Canada. Email:
  • Co-Editor: Dr. Ana Paula Rosifini Alves Claro, Universidade Estadual Paulista, Guaratingueta Campus, Brazil.  Email:

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