KeAi Talks: ISWCR Serial Webinar 2——A Special Issue in Honor of Dr. Mark Nearing with a Focus on Advances in Soil Erosion Research Processes, Measurement, and Modeling

Published 16 January, 2024

Lecture 1: Spatial distribution of soil erosion and its impacts on soil productivity in Songnen typical black soil region

Lecture 2: Long-term trends of precipitation and erosivity over Northeast China during 1961-2020

Speaker: Dr. Shuiqing Yin

Professor, Beijing Normal University

Associated editor, International Soil and Water Conservation Research


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Lecture 3: Towards a better understanding of pathways of multiple co-occurring erosion processes on global cropland

Speaker: Dr. Pasquale Borrelli

Professor, University of Roma Tre (Italy)

Senior Scientist, University of Basel (Switzerland)

Editorial Board, International Soil and Water Conservation Research

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Lecture 4: Gully internal erosion triggered by a prolonged heavy rainfall event in the tableland region of China’s Loess Plateau

Lecture 5: Performance evaluation of a water erosion tracer using plot-scale experiments and process-based modeling

Speaker: Dr. João Marcos Villela

Post-Doc, University of São Paulo

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