Diana Vieira appointed as ISWCR board member

Published 26 March, 2022

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Diana Vieira as an editorial board member for ISWCR. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Diana Vieira to the team.

Diana Vieira is an Environmental Engineer with a special focus on soil erosion risk. Currently, she is a researcher at the Joint Research Centre, European Commission.

She dedicated a lot of her time monitoring burned areas and understanding the underlying key processes in fire-affected soils and landscapes to better adapt models to burned conditions. Over the past years, she applied several hydrological models to recently burned areas and improved those to take into account post-fire mitigation and rehabilitation measures. She successfully included the effect of soil water repellency and post-fire forest management actions in her soil erosion predictions and led the project that created the first post-fire soil erosion risk map for Portugal.

In the European Soil Observatory, she is dedicated to large-scale post-fire soil erosion modeling, land degradation, healthy soils, and the assessment, fate, and remediation of soil pollution in EU soils.


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