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The geochemical characteristics, distribution of marine source rocks and gas exploration potential in the northwestern Sichuan Basin, China

In recent years, the northwestern part of the Sichuan Basin has become a popular location for natural gas exploration. However, up to this point, the geochemical characteristics and distribution of...

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Micro-occurrence of formation water in tight sandstone gas reservoirs of low hydrocarbon generating intensity: Case study of northern Tianhuan Depression in the Ordos Basin, NW China

A series of experimental techniques which contain casting thin slice observation, field emission scanning electron microscopy, high-pressure mercury injection, constant-velocity mercury injection, and...

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Experimental studies on nanopore evolution in organic matter-rich shales

The evolution of nanopores when highly-matured or over-matured shales encounter secondary hydrocarbons was characterised in two groups of Paleozoic marine shale samples. The samples were subjected to...

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Accumulation condition and model of buried hill in the central uplift, Songliao Basin, China

The Central Uplift in the Songliao Basin is a large consequent buried-hill structural belt between the east and west faulted zones. Some hydrocarbon-rich sags (e.g. Xujiaweizi and Changling), occur...

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Orgaofaices evolution of deep Es4 source rock in Baxian Sag, Jizhong Depression of Bohai Bay Basin and its significance, China

The Es4 source rock is the primary source of hydrocarbon in deep reservoirs in the Baxian Sag, Jizhong Depression of Bohai Bay Basin, China, and its quantitative description is useful for understanding...

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Fracture system in shale gas reservoir: Prospect of characterization and modeling techniques

The quality and production of shale gas are directly dependent on the development of fractures. Especially in large-scale fracturing development, natural and hydraulic fractures play significant roles....

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Water-soluble organic acids in sedimentary rocks: Compositions and influencing factors

Water-soluble organic acids (WSOAs) are closely related to the formation of secondary pores, however, it's little-known for the distributions of WSOAs in sedimentary rocks at deep-ultradeep zone and...

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Experimental evaluation method for permeability changes of organic-rich shales by high-temperature thermal stimulation

High-temperature thermal stimulation (HTS) can effectively remove the damage caused by water phase trapping during the drilling and completion of tight oil and hydraulic fracturing of gas reservoirs....

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The grain size effect on pores structure characteristics of high-rank coal before and after the methane adsorption

Methane adsorption characteristics and pore structure are two essential parameters to evaluate the reservoir quality of coal. However, as a result of the frequent increased and decreased pressure on...

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Prediction method of favorable positions of transporting oil and gas capacity configuration in different periods of faults

The development and evaluation of the transport capacity of oil and gas determine the location of the associated fractures based on the analysis of its ability to transport oil and gas and finding favorable...

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Predictions on natural gas development trend in China for the next fifteen years

Domestic natural gas production serves as the foundation of China's natural gas industry layout. It is of great significance to predict the medium and long-term production trend of its natural gas industry....

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Generation and resource potential of abiogenic alkane gas under organic–inorganic interactions in petroliferous basins

The generation mechanism of abiogenic alkane gas and whether the gas has industrial values are the focus of international attention. CH4 generated by Fischer–Tropsch synthesis is an important constitutent...

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Diamondoids in oils from the ultra-deep Ordovician in the North Shuntuoguole area in the Tarim Basin, NW China

The ultra-deep Ordovician Yijianfang-Yingshan Formations from the North Shuntuoguole region in Tarim Basin, NW China, have produced industrial oil and gas. The reservoir fluid phases differed between...

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Progress on the different methods of reserves calculation in the whole life cycle of gas reservoir development

Reserves evaluation is crucial in the whole life cycle of a gas reservoir. It is significant to figure out the various methods of reserves calculation in a systematic manner to understand and develop...

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Characteristics and main controlling factors of Ordovician deep subsalt reservoir in central and eastern Ordos Basin, China

In recent years, the subsalt dolomite reservoirs in the Ordovician strata of the Ordos Basin have indicated good exploration results and are expected to have a high hydrocarbon potential. This study...

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