PipeChina’s JPSE wins high praise from the German media

Published 21 March, 2022

The Journal of Pipeline Science and Engineering (JPSE) was founded by the PipeChina Institute of Science and Technology. With the four issues it has published since its launch in April 2021, the journal has built up an international reputation.

On 1 March 2022, Materials Business, a news website in Germany, published an editor commentary entitled "Keeping a road to the future". The article pointed to the strategic influence of transportation and communication in globalization. The editor also talked about global energy transportation, especially the unique and important position of natural gas pipelines in the process of achieving energy transformation and carbon neutrality.

Importantly, the article noted that JPSE “is a fascinating fruit of our times". Because it is an open access academic journal, subsidized by China Oil & Gas Pipeline Network Corporation, papers can be downloaded and read all over the world, but authors don’t have to pay an open access publication fee. This not only means more visibility for authors’ work, but also ensures that researchers in lower-income countries and regions can share their research results and access the findings of their peers.

The article also pointed out that "Aims of the journal are to provide a medium for sharing scientific and technological knowledge concerning pipeline systems transporting and distributing fuels." The academic reference value of these achievements also proves the importance of this journal for research and development in pipeline technology.

The article ends with the comment "Welcome JPSE! and any other new channel of communication and dissemination of the available knowledge or is being generated to protect more and better materials against corrosion towards a more sustainable industry."

News at: https://news.materials.business/keeping-a-road-to-the-future


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