The First Excellence in the Editorial Board Announced for the Journal of Pipeline Science and Engineering

Published 10 August, 2023

In recognition of the vital contributions made by the First Excellence in the Editorial Board to the Journal of Pipeline Science and Engineering (henceforth referred to as “J. Pipeline Sci. Eng.”), the Editorial Board has instituted the "Excellence in the Editorial Board Award for 2021-2023".

After thoroughly assessing the contributions of the inaugural Editorial Board members, the final list of winners was determined. This was accomplished through comprehensive statistical analysis and recommendations from the evaluation group, followed by the endorsement of the Editor-in-Chief of J. Pipeline Sci. Eng.

Certificates of honor were subsequently presented to the awardees.

Name (alphabetical order by last name)


Samer Adeeb

University of Alberta

Markus Dann

TC Energy Corp.

Faisal Khan

Texas A & M University

Yuxing Li

China University of Petroleum (East China)

Zhang Haoran

Peking University

Zhang Hong

China University of Petroleum (Beijing)


The first domestic Excellent Editorial Board Member awards for J. Pipeline Sci. Eng. were conferred on July 19 at the main venue of the 21st National Academic Conference on Oil Storage and Transportation in Higher Education, which was held in Qingdao, Shandong Province.

The President of the Journal of Pipeline Science and Engineering, Guan Zhongyuan, officiated over the announcement and the award ceremony for Excellence in the Editorial Board. The foreign Excellence in the Editorial Board awardees included (in alphabetical order by last name) Professor Samer Adeeb from the University of Alberta, Dr. Markus Dann from the Canadian energy company TC Energy Corp., Professor Faisal Khan from Texas A&M University, Professor Yuxing Li from China University of Petroleum (East China), Professor Haoran Zhang from Peking University, and Professor Hong Zhang from China University of Petroleum (Beijing). Additionally, Academician Cheng Yufeng, the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal, and Professor Chen Pengchao presented the honor certificates to the winners.

Group Photo of the First Excellence in the Editorial Board of the Journal of Pipeline Science and Engineering

Profile of the Excellence in the Editorial Board:

Dr. Samer Adeeb, a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta, and an expert in finite element analysis in the field of structural engineering applications (including piping and biomechanics), has been engaged in the tensile strain capacity, compressive strain capacity, reliability and mechanical integrity of piping, and has won many research and teaching awards.

Samer Adeeb

Dr. Markus Dann, a pipeline risk engineer at TC Energy in Canada and a former associate professor at the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Calgary, received the bachelor's degree of science from the Technische Universität Darmstadt in 2007 and the PhD degree from the University of Calgary in 2012. He is engaged in the risk, reliability inspection and maintenance planning of pipeline and aged infrastructure systems, stochastic degradation modeling, uncertainty quantification for structural health monitoring, and consequence analysis.

Markus Dann

Dr. Faisal Khan, a professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering of Texas A & M University, a director of the Process Safety Center, and the former chief scientist in the field of marine safety and risk engineering in Canada, is engaged in the research of engineering structure safety assessment, and risk and reliability, with rich experience in the field of marine engineering safety and risk assessment. He has published more than 500 research articles on safety, risk and reliability engineering, and authored 8 monographs in the field.

Faisal Khan

Yuxing Li, a professor and doctoral supervisor of China University of Petroleum (East China), and an expert in oil and gas storage and transportation engineering, is mainly engaged in the research on the pipeline transportation theory, new energy and unconventional media pipeline transportation technology. He served as the main researcher of more than 50 national and provincial projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National Hi-tech Research and Development Program (863 Program), and more than 100 large-scale enterprise projects, with more than 30 Chinese patents granted, and more than 360 journal papers published. Besides, he also edited 6 monographs and won more than 20 provincial and ministerial awards.

Li Yuxing

Haoran Zhang is an assistant professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Urban Planning & Design, Peking University. With double doctorate degrees in Industrial Engineering and Social, Cultural and Environmental Science, he has been engaged in the research on the urban energy system, urban logistics system and urban flow space, and was selected as the world' top 2% scientists in the energy field in 2022.

Zhang Haoran

Hong Zhang is a professor of the College of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), and a doctoral supervisor of Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering, and Safety Technology and Engineering, as well as a member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, and Chinese Petroleum Society. He has been engaged in the teaching and research of engineering mechanics and its application in petroleum engineering for a long time, especially in the scientific research of structural analysis, strength design and safety assessment of petroleum equipment and the oil and gas storage and transportation facilities. He has successively presided over and undertaken the research projects such as the Program 863, the National Science and Technology Support Program, the Major Special Oil and Gas Projects, and the National Key R & D Program, as well as a large number of scientific research projects of CNPC, SINOPEC and CNOOC, winning one National Award in Teaching Achievement and six Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology Progress Awards. Besides, he was granted with 16 national invention patents, participated in the compilation of one petroleum industry standard, and published more than 260 academic papers at home and abroad.

Zhang Hong

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