Special Issue on Bile Acids and Metabolic Liver Diseases

Published 05 March, 2021

Bile acids are nutrient sensors and metabolic regulators that control nutrient intake and gut bacteria growth to regulate glucose, lipid and energy homeostasis. Dysregulation of bile acid metabolism and dysbiosis contribute to metabolic liver diseases. Bile acids and derivatives have emerged as therapeutic drugs for treating liver metabolic diseases such as cholestasis and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This special issue will provide an update on bile acid research focusing on the five topics listed below. We welcome original manuscripts and reviews from experts in the field.

Topics Covered:

  • Bile acid metabolism and metabolic liver diseases
  • Bile acid-activated receptors on metabolic liver diseases and therapy
  • Cholestatic disorder: mechanism and treatment
  • Bile acid-based drug therapy for metabolic liver diseases
  • Gut microbiome in liver fibrosis, NAFLD and HCC

Important Deadlines:

  • Submission deadline: 1 August 2021.

Guest Editors:

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