Conference Report: The Inaugural Conference of the Youth Editorial Board of Liver Research and the Journal Development Forum of The Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University was successfully held

Published 26 May, 2023

On December 31, 2022, the inaugural conference of the Youth Editorial Board of Liver Research (hereinafter referred to as the “Youth Board”) and the Journal Development Forum was successfully held in Guangzhou, China. Prof. Yang Yang, the Vice Director of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University and the Organ Transplantation Physician Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and the Associate Editor-in-Chief of Liver Research, served as the chairman of the conference; Prof. Qi Zhang, the Editor-in-Chief of Liver Research, and Prof. Genshu Wang of the Guangdong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the first chairman of the committee, served as the co-executive chairmen of the conference. The conference was held through a combination of online and offline formats. The conference was attended by renowned experts in liver disease research and members of the first editorial board.

On December 31, 2022, the inaugural conference of the Youth Editorial Board of Liver Research and the Journal Development Forum was officially launched. The first part of the conference was hosted by Profs. Qi Zhang and Genshu Wang. In the opening speech, Prof. Yang Yang warmly welcomed participants from China and abroad in the field of liver disease. Furthermore, Prof. Yang Yang affirmed the achievements of Liver Research in recent years and congratulated the members of the Youth Board on their election. At the same time, he also had expectations of the Youth Board. He hoped to attract high-quality manuscripts through the academic exchange platform built by the Youth Board to establish a first-rate international journal of liver disease.

Subsequently, Prof. Qi Zhang reported on the development and establishment of Liver Research since its founding in 2017. After that, Prof. Zhang read out the list of Liver Research Youth Board members, presented the appointment letters to the offline members, and took a group photo.

The second part was the academic exchange session hosted by Profs. Jian Hong, Tian Lan, Qiyi Zhao, Peng Chen, and Ning Fan. Prof. Kari Nejak-Bowen from the University of Pittsburgh, Prof. Huichang Bi from Southern Medical University, Prof. Hua Wang from Anhui Medical University, Prof. Ling Yang from Wuhan Union Hospital of China, and Prof. Yingcai Zhang from the third affiliated hospital of Sun Yat-sen University gave wonderful academic lectures in this session. The five professors introduced the recent advances in their respective liver research fields, which provided visual and auditory enjoyment to the participants and allowed them to gain much knowledge.

In the third part of the forum, Mr. Lei Cheng, the Editor-in-Chief of Cell Research, Mr. Gang Liu, the Editor-in-Chief of Cellular & Molecular Immunology, and Mr. Xiuyuan Hao, the Editor-in-Chief of the Chinese Medical Journal, shared their valuable experiences in running journals. The three directors provided insights for Liver Research regarding journal development, experience, reflection, etc. Mr. Hao also explained the manuscript submission and review process for authors in detail from the editor's perspective. After that, Weicheng Liang, the associate researcher and Deputy Director of the Youth Board, hosted the “Seminar on High-Quality Development of Journals.” Prof. Qi Zhang, the chairman of the Youth Board, and the deputy directors and members from all provinces of China conducted a discussion on “How to improve the impact and visibility of a new journal?” There was a lively discussion about this issue. The members actively contributed to the further development of the Liver Research. They proposed to make use of new media, utilize the Youth Board, use academic conferences for the promotion, and find other ways to attract excellent manuscripts and improve the impact of the journal, which provided a lot of valuable advice for the development of the journal.

Finally, Prof. Qi Zhang, the chairman of the committee, summarized the conference. Prof. Zhang pointed out that Liver Research has recruited a large number of outstanding young talents in the field of liver disease, and she hoped that with the joint efforts of all the members of the Youth Board, the power of young people would be integrated to promote the healthy growth of Liver Research and the innovative development of liver disease research in China. In the end, Prof. Zhang sincerely and warmly wished a happy new year to all participants.

The inaugural conference of the Liver Research Youth Board and Journal Development Forum was successfully held in 2022 and offered an excellent prologue for 2023.

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