Second Liver Research Editorial Board Meeting

Published 13 November, 2019

On July 24, 2019, the second Liver Research Editorial Board Meeting was held in Kunming, China, which was attended by about 30 editorial board members and liver research scientists from China and abroad. Attendees included executive associate editors of the journal, Professors Yang Yang, Yu-Jui Yvonne Wan, John Young-Ling Chiang, and editorial board members, Professors Bin Gao and Gianfranco Danilo Alpini.

These five editors all joined the opening ceremony. In the opening speech, Prof. Yang expressed a warm welcome and thanks to the conference guests on behalf of the editorial office of Liver Research.

An international English journal founded in March 2017, Liver Research has won support from many liver research scientists at home and abroad. The journal has set off to a good start with 28 articles indexed in PubMed and the famous open access database, the Directory of Open Access Journals, in 2018. This second meeting was held to lay down a firmer foundation for the journal’s brighter future. Prof. Yang thanked all who had cared and supported the journal. He then welcomed suggestions and advice to develop the journal into a world-renowned professional journal of the liver. Prof. Gao commented that great achievements have been made since the inception of the journal and he wished more success in future for Liver Research.

Director Huimin Yi from the Third Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University gave a briefing on Liver Research’s development over the recent 3 years. Integrating multiple disciplines, the journal’s strong sponsor and supporters include the Liver Disease Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University, which is the top medical teaching and research institution in China, which guarantees the journal’s academic authority. Liver Research has made remarkable achievements in the past 3 years; however, there is still much to do for the journal to be ranked among high-quality international publications. Director Yi welcomed the attending experts’ valuable advice.

The experts attending the conference put forward their own valuable opinions. In particular, they highlighted two significant actions for the future development of the journal. Firstly, Liver Research must work hard to have PubMed include the published articles so that improve the international visibility and increase the number of citations, which will pave the way for inclusion in the Science Citations Index. Secondly, optimizing manuscript processing, strengthening communication between the editorial office and authors, and speeding up the publication of the magazine are necessary.

Prof. Genshu Wang summed up the meeting. He expressed his thanks to the editors and experts for their valuable suggestions, which were of great significance for the future development of the journal. To address the problems raised by the experts, the editors presented their plans for improvement with a determination to make breakthroughs and live up to the expectations of the editorial board and experts.

The second Liver Research Editorial Board Meeting concluded with a bright vision for 2020.

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