Special Issue on Magnetic Resonance of Electrochemical Energy Storage Materials

Published 18 February, 2023


In pursuit of higher energy density, lower cost, longer lifespan and safety, remarkable research efforts have been taken to innovate various types of energy storage devices, especially metal-ion batteries such as Li-ion batteries. One of the major challenges that researchers encountered is elucidating the working mechanisms and/or the controlling factors of a new material in a full battery for fast optimization of the devices. Hence, there is a need for novel characterization/diagnosis techniques with adequate time and spatial resolution for active batteries.

Among the numerous electrochemical ex situ and in situ characterization techniques, magnetic resonance techniques, including NMR, MRI and EPR, are unique in terms of providing structural information at the atomic level and real-time phase and morphology evolution and measurement of ionic motion at various timescales.

This special issue is dedicated to an editorial and a selection of papers on the theme of investigating energy storage materials/devices using magnetic resonance techniques. We invite submissions of original, high-quality and innovative research articles, communications and mini review articles.

Topics covered:

  • Solid-state NMR
  • Solution-state NMR
  • MRI
  • Instrument/methodology/development
  • NMR theoretical calculation

Important Deadlines:

  • Submission deadline: 30 October 2023
  • Planned publication: May 2024

Submission Instructions:

Please read the Guide for Authors before submitting. All articles should be submitted online; please select SI: Magnetic Resonance of Electrochemical Energy Storage Materials on submission. Papers that are accepted after undergoing peer review will be published open access with no fee payable by the author.

Guest Editors:

Prof. Yong Yang

Xiamen University, State Key Laboratory for Physical Chemistry of Solid Surfaces, Department of Chemistry, China. Email: yyang@xmu.edu.cn

Prof. Riqiang Fu

Florida State University, National High Magnetic Field Lab., USA Email: rfu@magnet.fsu.edu

Prof. Hua Huo

Harbin Institute of Technology, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, China. Email: huohua@hit.edu.cn

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