MRL policy for paper-related data

Published 17 November, 2022

Authors submitting their manuscripts to Magnetic Resonance Letters (MRL) are encouraged to submit their paper-related data to Science Data Bank (ScienceDB). For more details, see the MRL Policy for Depositing & Sharing Paper-Related Data.

“Paper-related data” refers to:

  • Data generated during the basic research, applied research, experimental opening, etc. that support the publication of an academic paper.
  • Data obtained through observation, inspection, investigation, inspection and testing, etc. that are used to form the paper’s charts. 
  • Raw data or their derived data that support the research conclusions of the paper.

The sharing of paper-related data brings a number of benefits. It supports the results and conclusions of the paper, increasing the verifiability and transparency of the research; it improves papers’ reach and influence; the reuse of data saves manpower and material resources, allowing scientists to focus on innovative research; and paper-related data as a new type of academic achievement promotes innovative cooperation and training of talent between disciplines. Importantly, it also promotes open scientific practice.

For questions about paper-related data submission, please contact the Magnetic Resonance Letters editorial office:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: +86-027-87198791
  • Address: West No.30 Xiao Hong Shan, Wuhan 430071, China

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