Special issue on “Innovation of elite rice germplasm resources”

Published 20 October, 2023

New Crops is dedicated to serving crop researchers and breeders by publishing novel findings that have gone through rigorous peer-review and demonstrated significant impact to the field. In this context, scientists engaged in disciplines related to rice germplasm resources are cordially invited to contribute your novel findings in the Special Issue on “Innovation of elite rice germplasm resources”.

Germplasm resources, akin to "gene chips," play a pivotal role in enhancing and innovating rice varieties. With the aim of fostering the continuous advancement of this field, we have created this special issue to bring together domestic and international research in rice germplasm resources.

Topics covered:

  • Novel approaches and techniques for the collection and preservation of rice germplasm resources.
  • The accurate identification of rice germplasm resources and elucidation of the genetic mechanisms underlying novel resources.
  • The omics foundation and utilization of genetic diversity in rice germplasm resources.
  • The efficiency of resource utilization in the context of innovation in gene editing and transgenic methods.
  • The development and utilization of innovative and pioneering breeding materials for the purpose of creation and production.

Submission instructions:

Authors are requested to thoroughly review the author guidelines (www.keaipublishing.com/en/journals/new-crops/guide-for-authors/) prior to submission.

All articles must be submitted through the online platform (www.editorialmanager.com/ncrops/), with a specific emphasis on selecting the special issue titled "Innovation of elite rice germplasm resources". The accepted articles will be published in an open access model, without any financial burden imposed upon the author.

Any challenges in submission or any inquiries that authors encounter during the submission process can be directed to the New Crops editorial team. Email: newcrops@henu.edu.cn

Important dates:

  • Submissions deadline: 31 Oct 2024
  • Expected time to first decision: 4 weeks after submission

Guest Editors:

Dr. Qian Qian

Email: qianqian188@hotmail.com

Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Deputy Director, Yazhouwan National Laboratory. The "Highly Cited Scientists" by Clarivate from 2019 to 2022. 

Research Interest: Research on rice germplasm resources, innovation of rice germplasm resources, construction of genetic populations, gene cloning of significant agronomic traits, and molecular breeding.

Dr. Xiaoming Zheng

Email: zhengxiaoming@caas.cn

Researcher, Institute of Crop Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Leader, team of Conservation and Utilization of Wild Crop Germplasm Resources, Sanya National Research Institute of Breeding in Hainan; Director, China Office, IRRI.

Research Interest: Wild rice germplasm resources. She has organized and coordinated more than 20 research institutes worldwide to conduct world wild rice surveys, introducing paleoclimate and paleoenvironment information for the first time to develop a collection strategy for wild rice and establishing a multi-omics research platform for wild rice.

Dr. Lianguang Shang

Email: shanglianguang@caas.cn

Researcher & Professor, Agricultural Genomics Institute at Shenzhen, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shenzhen High-level Talent.

Research Interest: Integration and mining of pan-genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic, phenomics, and other multi-omics big data pertaining to rice populations. Additionally, he is engaged in constructing databases, analyzing the genetic foundations of intricate agronomic characteristics in rice, and implementing big data-driven intelligent breeding techniques.

Dr. Venuprasad Ramaiah

Email: v.ramaiah@irri.org

Head, International Rice Genebank, IRRI-Africa Rice; Milken-Motsepe Prize Winner, a senior scientist at the International Rice Research Institute, where he currently leads the Fit-for-Future Genetic Resources. He also oversees the operation of the International Rice Genebank, the world’s largest collection of rice genetic diversity.

Research Interest: Rice breeding, pre-breeding, and genetic analysis, with the aim of developing high-yielding rice varieties suitable for rainfed lowland ecosystems in West and Central Africa.

Dr. Disna Ratnasekera

Email: disnaratnasekera@gmail.com

Senior professor and chair of the Department of Agricultural Biology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka; Endeavour academic fellow; Borlaug Research fellow Fulbright Research Fellow and PIFI scientist; Team leader to UNEP/ GEF and Biovarsity International projects on Crop Wild Relatives.

Research Interest: Plant genetic resources for conservation and plant improvement, biotic and abiotic stress responses of plant species, conservation and domestication of crop wild relatives.

Dr. Hongbo Pang

Email: panghb@synu.edu.cn

Associate Professor, Heads of biochemistry and molecular biology, College of Life Sciences, Shenyang Normal University. The "Thousand" Levels of the Liaoning Province Ten Million Talents Project, Shenyang High-level talent.

Research Interest: Research on accurate identification of cold tolerance in rice germplasm resources, the genetic mechanism underlying cold tolerance in rice.

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