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Sensor-based diagnostic technologies are becoming more and more popular in recent years in view of their tremendous importance in various disciplines including health monitoring, environmental monitor...

Sensor-based diagnostic technologies are becoming more and more popular in recent years in view of their tremendous importance in various disciplines including health monitoring, environmental monitoring, defense, water/air pollution in addition to various industrial sectors as gas sensors. Sensors are composed of various elements such as engineered surfaces, bio-receptors, bio-nano-conjugates, signal transduction systems, etc. Therefore, sensor is a versatile and highly interdisciplinary field, which requires profound knowledge of diverse disciplines.

Tremendous opportunities are available for researchers working in this area for developing novel bionano-engineered surfaces, designing of new targets for drug delivery/receptors/nanocatalysts, and integrate them with the most powerful signal transduction system such as optical, electrochemical, piezoelectric, micromechanical, etc. The new sensor technologies have been scale-down to develop the highly miniaturized and robust analytical tools for personalized health care and onsite detection of numerous target molecules in diverse matrices.

Recently, mobile integrated systems, lab-on-a-chip, TAS, BIM-MEMS, and printed circuit board (PCB)-based technologies have been well developed, and these efforts have paved new directions for developing improved and powerful sensors. Research efforts in sensor area are therefore, at the forefront of many advances nanotechnologies and they have shown tremendous impetus to solve real life problems in industry, medicine, and environment.

The success of any sensor functioning depends upon the judicial fabrication and utilization of novel nano-materials, composites, polymers, metallic ceramics and what not. Research efforts in this area have now reached a stage where innumerable sensor-based materials seem to pervade the domains of many scientific disciplines. Realizing these necessities, scientific advisory board members and the editors felt the need to campaign all aspects of sensors and sensor materials concisely into SENSORS INTERNATIONAL (SI) platform to share the scientific ideas and newer developments from the international communities around the world.

In view of outstanding research efforts by the scientists facilitating the commercialization of sensors, the journal "Sensors International (SI)" is developed with an aim to establish an international platform to share novel scientific discoveries and to narrate these on a common platform. The editors of SI invite authors to submit their review articles, full research manuscripts, short communications, and letters to editor, describing new concepts and ideas in sensor design, and their applications in solving real world problems. Research related to theories for new sensors design, improvement and applications in the existing sensors are also welcome.

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