Special Issue on Nano-Materials for Biomedical Applications

Published 10 February, 2020

Nano-materials (NMs) have been gaining a significant attention due to their extraordinary electrical characteristics. NMs showed entirely different properties and characteristic features as compared to their bulk counterparts. The enhanced and different properties of nanomaterials at the nanoscale range of 1-100 nm are exploited in various applications. In advanced era, nanomaterials plays vital role in biomedical applications. Nano-materials are exploited for various biomedical applications such as targeted drug delivery, sensors, imaging, therapeutic, implants and vaccines. However researchers are still looking for it’s more advanced and enhanced features, which can be exploited for more promising application in biomedical sector. Conversely, the risk assessments of NMs in this special issue will cover the optimization and its regulated the use. This special issue is intended to present a novel, high quality, original research articles as well as review articles/short communication/letters focused on nano-materials for biomedical applications

We are pleased to announce the Special Issue on nano-materials for biomedical applications. This Special Issue will cover both theoretical and experiments studies on applications of nanomaterials in developing devices/platform technologies for chemo- and -bio sensing of range of disease biomarkers, pathogens, environmental pollutants, food analysis and in other biomedical applications. On behalf of the Guest Editors, we encourage you to submit your recent research work, critical/tutorial review and timely review articles, short focus articles to provide snapshots of research for a wider audience in this particular issue on nano-materials for biomedical applications.

Contributions of all types of articles are free of charge and are not levied on authors.

Potential possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Novel methods for the synthesis of nanomaterials
  • Synthesis and characterization of nanocomposites
  • Electrochemical biosensors
  • Nanomaterials for targeted drug delivery
  • Nanomaterials for Imaging
  • Nanomaterials for prosthesis and implants
  • Nanomaterials for hyperthermia
  • Carbon nanomaterials for biomedical applications
  • Magnetic nanomaterials for drug delivery
  • Nanomaterials for cancer therapy
  • Risk assessments and toxic affects of nanomaterials
  • 2D nanomaterials exploited for sensors applications
  • Polymers based nanocomposites for sensor application

Important Dates

  • Submissions open: 15 February 2020
  • Submissions close: 31 August 2020

Guest Editors

  • Dr. Jagriti Narang, Department of Biotechnology, School of Life Sciences, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi, India
  • Prof. Giuseppe Maruccio, Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisica, Università del Salento, Italy
  • Dr. Sudheesh K. Shukla, Nanobioengineering Group, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Shandong University, China 


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