Special issue on molecular mechanism and prevention of ageing

Published 20 April, 2022


During ageing, many biological processes go out of balance. Changes are apparent at the level of the whole animal; tissues, cells, molecules and metabolism. The molecular level changes drive the adaptations that are observed at higher levels. There are extensive endogenous mechanisms that maintain balance or homeostasis, and these homeostatic mechanisms degrade with age. This special issue aims to identify mechanisms of ageing and potential means to re-engage these maintenance systems in older individuals to prevent disease.

Topics covered:

  • Mitochondrial biology and ageing muscle
  • The role of cellular senescence
  • microRNA: an emerging pathway for healthy ageing
  • Population science: physical activity and cognitive resilience in an ageing society
  • Exercise and the prevention of sarcopenia
  • Exercise in geriatric patients—including dementia

Submission deadline: 1 October 2022 

Submission instructions:

Please read the Guide for Authors before submitting. All articles should be submitted via the online submission system; please contact the Guest Editors before submitting. Special issue manuscripts will be processed via a fast review channel.

Guest Editors:

Dr. Mari Carmen Gomez-Cabrera

University of Valencia, Spain.

Email: carmen.gomez@uv.es

Dr. LaDora Thompson

Boston University, USA.

Email: lvthomp@bu.edu

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