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Hehua Zhu

Department of Geotechnical Engineering, College of Civil Engineering, Tongji University, China

Email Hehua Zhu

Antonio Bobet

School of Civil Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA

Email Antonio Bobet

Teruo Nakai

Geo-Research Institute, Department of Civil Engineering, Japan

Email Teruo Nakai

Honorary Editors

Qihu Qian

Inst. of Engineering Corps, PLA University of Science and Technology, China

Email Qihu Qian

Raymond Sterling

Louisiana Tech University, USA

Email Raymond Sterling

Managing Editors

Feng Zhang

Dept. of Civil Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan

Email Feng Zhang

Jie Zhang

College of Civil Engineering, Tongji University, China

Email Jie Zhang

Lianyang Zhang

Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, University of Arizona, USA

Email Lianyang Zhang

Associate Editors

Daniele Peila

Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Email Daniele Peila

Isam Shahrour

University of Lille, France

Email Isam Shahrour

Keh-Jian Shou

Chung-Hsing University, China

Email Keh-Jian Shou

Marte Gutierrez

Colorado School of Mines, USA

Email Marte Gutierrez

Timon Rabczuk

Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany

Email Timon Rabczuk

Editorial Board

Shinichi Akutagawa

Dept. of Civil Engineering, Kobe University, Japan

Email Shinichi Akutagawa

Charles Augarde

Department of Engineering, Durham University, UK

Email Charles Augarde

Daniela Boldini

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Email Daniela Boldini

Tarcisio Celestino

Dept. of Civil Engineering, Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Brazil

Email Tarcisio Celestino

Zhilong Chen

National Defense College of Engineering, PLA University of Science and Technology, China

Email Zhilong Chen

Yujun Cui

CERMICS, École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees (ENPC), France

Email Yujun Cui

Daniel Dias

Polytech Grenoble engineering school, Universite Grenoble Alpes, FRANCE

Email Daniel Dias

Márcio Muniz de Farias

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Universidade de Brasília, Brazil

Email Márcio Muniz de Farias

Haiying Huang

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Email Haiying Huang

Yujing Jiang

Faculty of Engineering, Nagasaki University, Japan

Email Yujing Jiang

Rafael Jimenez

Technical University of Madrid, Spain

Email Rafael Jimenez

Pornkasem Jongpradist

Department of Civil Engineering, King Mongkuts University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand

Email Pornkasem Jongpradist

Hsein Juang

Dept. of Civil Engineering, Clemson University, USA

Email Hsein Juang

Scott Kieffer

Institute of Applied Geosciences, Graz University of Technology, Austria

Email Scott Kieffer

Kiyoshi Kishida

Department of Urban Management, Kyoto University, Japan

Email Kiyoshi Kishida

Lyesse Laloui

Civil and Environmental Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, EPFL, Switzerland

Email Lyesse Laloui

Robert Liang

Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Dayton, USA

Email Robert Liang

Robert Mair

Engineering Dept, University of Cambridge, UK

Email Robert Mair

Gunther Meschke

Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

Email Gunther Meschke

Hung Nguyen-Xuan

Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Technology (CIRTech), Hutech University, Viet Nam

Email Hung Nguyen-Xuan

Alireza Nouri

University of Alberta, Canada

Email Alireza Nouri

Pierpaolo Oreste

Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Email Pierpaolo Oreste

Dorival Pedroso

School of Civil Engineering, Central Queensland University, Australia

Email Dorival Pedroso

Fangle Peng

College of Transportation Engineering, Tongji University, China

Email Fangle Peng

Kok Kwang Phoon

Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Email Kok Kwang Phoon

Kyriazis Pitilakis

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Email Kyriazis Pitilakis

Wulf Schubert

Institute for Rock Mechanics and Tunnelling, Graz University of Technology, Austria

Email Wulf Schubert

Hossain Md. Shahin

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Islamic University of Science & Technology, Bangladesh

Email Hossain Md. Shahin

Kenichi Soga

University of California at Berkeley, USA

Email Kenichi Soga

Jamie Standing

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London, UK

Email Jamie Standing

Richard Wan

Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary, Canada

Email Richard Wan

Shanyong Wang

School of Civil Engineering, The University of Newcastle, Australia

Email Shanyong Wang

Atsushi Yashima

Department of Civil Engineering, Gifu University, Japan

Email Atsushi Yashima

Jianhua Yin

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China

Email Jianhua Yin

Chung-Sik Yoo

Civil and Environmental Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), The Republic of Korea

Email Chung-Sik Yoo

Annan Zhou

School of Transportation Science and Engineering, Beihang University, China

Email Annan Zhou

Emilio Bilotta

University of Napoli Federico II, Italy

Email Emilio Bilotta

Yosoon Choi

Pukyong National University, Korea

Email Yosoon Choi

Raoof Gholami

University of Stavanger, Norway

Email Raoof Gholami

Assaf Klar

Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Email Assaf Klar

Ying Zhen Li

Rise Research Institutes of Sweden, Sweden

Email Ying Zhen Li

Hongyuan Liu

University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia

Email Hongyuan Liu

Shimin Liu

Penn State University, University Park, USA

Email Shimin Liu

Early Career Editorial Board

Osvaldo Paiva Magalhaes Vitali

Lyles School of Civil Engineering Education and Instruction Resources, Purdue Univeristy, USA

Email Osvaldo Paiva Magalhaes Vitali

Mehdi Pouragha

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carleton University, Canada

Email Mehdi Pouragha

Daniele Martinelli

Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Email Daniele Martinelli

Ying Cui

Institute of Urban Innovation, YOKOHAMA National University, Japan

Email Ying Cui

Mingwei Zhang

School of mechanics and civil engineering, China University of Mining and technology, China

Email Mingwei Zhang

Mi Zhao

College of architecture and civil engineering, Beijing University of Technology, China

Email Mi Zhao

Zhijun WU

School of civil engineering, Wuhan University, China

Email Zhijun WU

Xiaobin Ding

School of civil engineering and transportation, South China University of Technology, China

Email Xiaobin Ding

Guanlin Ye

School of Naval architecture, ocean and civil engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Email Guanlin Ye

Vinayak Kaushal

Department of Civil Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington, USA

Email Vinayak Kaushal

Carmine Todaro

Politecnico of Turin, Italy

Email Carmine Todaro

Yi Rui

Tongji University, China

Email Yi Rui

Wengang Zhang

Chongqing University, China

Email Wengang Zhang

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