152nd AFS Annual Meeting (American Fisheries Society)

Published 07 February, 2022

Time: August 21-25, 2022

Location: Spokane, Washington, USA


Perspectives Above and Below the Water

The American Fisheries Society, President Leanne Roulson, the AFS Western Division, and the Washington – British Columbia Chapter are excited to host the 152nd AFS Annual Meeting, August 21-25, 2022, in the second largest city in Washington State, Spokane. The city of Spokane is on the Spokane River, part of the Snake and Columbia River system, making it ideal for examining the variety of roles and meanings of fish in science and culture. The Spokane area, part of the unceded lands of the Spokane Tribe, is rich in resident and migratory fish and wildlife important to indigenous peoples of the area.

This conference will bring together professionals from across North America and countries around the world under the theme of “What Do Fish Mean to Us?”.




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