PICES-2023 Annual Meeting

Published 24 February, 2023

Dates: October 23–27, 2023

Location: Seattle, USA

Connecting Science and Communities for Sustainable Seas

PICES-2023 takes just a few years after the establishment  of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. It offers an ideal opportunity to evaluate what has been accomplished by PICES thus far and establish a roadmap for the coming years. As such, the conference will aim to bolster and strengthen its multifarious alliances, enhancing current projects and stimulating collaborative exchange. The primary objectives of PICES within the decade centre on climate change, fisheries management and ecosystem-based governance, as well as social complexities in maritime environments, coast populations, traditional knowledge and human ramifications. Moreover, there will be opportunities to involve novel associates in vital themes such as Early Career Ocean Professionals and embracing local and Indigenous communities.

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