Editor-in-Chief Professor Robert M. Hughes Leads Successful Session at 37th SIL at Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

Published 30 May, 2024


On 9th May 2024, Professors Robert M. Hughes, Ricardo Solar and Marcos Callisto successfully conducted a session at the 37th SIL Congress at Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, titled: “South American Spatially Extensive Biological Assessments: Gaps & Opportunities”.

During the session, participants presented their latest research findings, engaged in discussions about the current status of the field, and provided valuable suggestions for both research efforts and governmental management.

Presentation list:

Report title


Innovation in environmental management via Company-University partnership

Marcos Callisto (Brazil)

Are small embankments (“açudes”) capable to change the ichthyofauna in the Neotropical streams?

Carlos Bernardo Mascarenhas Alves (Brazil)

Using genus-level taxonomy and traits for cost-effective ecological assessment of diatom assemblage condition

Luisa Riato (USA)

Water body assessments across the USA

Robert Mason Hughes (USA)

Learning from large-scale assessments of stream habitat: insights from efforts across the United States and the European Union

Dana Infante (USA)

Unlocking the secrets of multimetric indices: a global meta-analysis on indices responses to disturbances and the construction features influencing them

Renata Ruaro (Brazil)

(Session Chairs Prof. Marcos Callisto Prof. Robert M. Hughes Prof. Ricardo Solar, and other speakers Prof. Dana Infante, Prof. Carlos Bernardo Mascarenhas Alves, Prof. Renata Ruaro, and Prof. Luisa Riato from right to left)

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