Mapping the impact of tiered pricing reform on China’s residential electricity use

According to author Xiumei Yu: “The results of the paper have several policy implications. The fact that the average residential electricity use was reduced by the tiered pricing reform shows that this kind of reform can encourage residents to reduce their electricity use. In addition, our results suggest that policy intensity can be a powerful tool to guide residents to use electricity more efficiently.”

Take advantage of discounted APCs in open access week

KeAi is proud to be an open access publisher and as part of open access week we are delighted to offer our authors a heavily discounted or full waiver of article publishing charges (APC) for the majority of the journals we publish. To take advantage of this offer, submit your paper for consideration between 25 and 31 October, 2021.

New NLP model improves stock market predictions

A group of researchers at the Research Center for Social Computing and Information Retrieval at China’s Harbin Institute of Technology have constructed a model that can synthesise these multiple data sources and the various forms of data they contain. Study results, published in the KeAi journal AI Open, show that their model achieves a higher AUC (area under the precision-recall curve) score than existing models.

Scientists develop AI to predict the success of startup companies

In a bid to identify which companies are more likely to succeed, researchers have developed machine-learning models trained on the historical performance of over 1 million companies. Their results, published in KeAi’s The Journal of Finance and Data Science, show that these models can predict the outcome of a company with up to 90% accuracy. This means that potentially 9 out of 10 companies are correctly assessed.

Enriched bicarbonate electrolytes show promise in combatting CO2 and the greenhouse effect

CO2ER, the electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2), offers an ideal route for mitigating the greenhouse effect and achieving green CO2 cycling. In recent years, most studies on CO2ER have focused on the intrinsic performance of the catalysts. While bicarbonate - an electrolyte or negatively-charged ion that is used by the body to help maintain its pH balance - is commonly used in CO2ER, a group of researchers from China set out to explore its role and behaviour in more detail.

Urine proteome provides potential biomarkers for early prediction of COVID-19 progression

Improving early detection of COVID-19, along with predictions around which patients are likely to develop severe symptoms, is a high priority. In this study published in Urine, researchers from the China and the US used urine proteomic profiling to distinguish a healthy control group from COVID-19 patients. In addition, they were able to identify specific proteome features in the urine of patients that indicated whether they had mild or severe COVID-19.

The crucial role of social media posts in tracking COVID-19 infection rates

In a study published in the KeAi journal Data Science and Management, a group of researchers from China set out to assess the ability and applicability of using social media data to predict the development of COVID-19. Drawing on the existing Google Flu Trends (GFT) algorithm, they created a new, confirmed case prediction algorithm called Weibo COVID-19 Trends (WCT).

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