KeAi Announces new journal on Emerging Contaminants

Published 02 December, 2014

Continuing in its commitment provide publishing support for the rapid growth of international academic research output KeAi is proud to announce the upcoming launch of its new journal Emerging Contaminants

Emerging Contaminants is an outlet for world-leading research addressing problems associated with environmental contamination caused by emerging contaminants and their solutions. Emerging contaminants are defined as chemicals that are not currently (or have been only recently been) regulated and about which there exist concerns regarding their impact on human or ecological health. Examples include pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs), persistent organic chemicals (POPs), disinfection by-products (DBPs), and mercury etc. as well as their degradation products. 

“Regulation of new contaminants often lags behind the fundamental understanding of their nature, extent, and impacts in the environment. Intensive and in-depth studies on emerging contaminants help our society to find ways to improve environmental quality. ” said Professor Yu Gang of Tsinghua University in China. Professor Stuart Harrad, from the University of Birmingham in the UK, added “Emerging Contaminants aims to further the knowledge of the problems caused by these substances as well as investigate principles and technologies to reduce and control their environmental presence. All of this will aid the development, implementation and efficacy of national and international policies to protect human health and the environment.”

Professor Yu Gang. Tsinghua University, China
Professor Stuart Harrad. University of Birmingham, UK

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