KeAi joins forces with SSRN to post research online faster

Published 09 August, 2022

In support of open science, we at KeAi are delighted to announce 63 KeAi journals now offer their authors a free preprint posting service. This provides authors with the opportunity to register and disseminate their research earlier in the publication process and consequently increase the potential for earlier citations and collaboration.

With the support of one of our parent companies - Elsevier, KeAi launches First Look at SSRN as part of its efforts to further open science and better support our authors in sharing their research and gaining credit in scientific record before their work is published in a journal.

During manuscript submission via Editorial Manager, authors have the option to release their manuscript publicly as a preprint on the preprint server SSRN, subject to initial quality checks. The author’s choice has no effect on the editorial process or outcome with the journal, and the preprint will remain globally available free to read whether the journal accepts or rejects the manuscript.

For more information about posting to SSRN, please consult the relevant section of the journal’s Guide for Authors.

We at SSRN are delighted at our growing partnership with KeAi. This collaboration allows 63 KeAi journals to offer their authors a seamless and effortless way to post submitted articles as preprints on SSRN while they are being considered for publication with KeAi. Preprints give authors a cost-free way to establish the priority of their discoveries by getting a DOI, receiving early feedback from other researchers and showcasing their research to a wide global audience through the KeAi First Look on SSRN’s open platform. This presents a wonderful opportunity for researchers to share and find the newest early-stage research.

Access KeAi First Look 

Cell Press Sneak Peek and Preprints with The Lancet also joined the SSRN First Look Program.

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