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Review on polymer/MXene composites for electromagnetic interference shielding applications

With the increasing popularity of electronic devices and wireless technology, the issue of electromagnetic interference (EMI) has attracted widespread attention all over the world. In response to this...

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Enhancing thermoelectric performance of PEDOT: PSS: A review of treatment and nanocomposite strategies

Thermoelectric (TE) materials have garnered significant attention in recent years due to their potential for converting waste heat into usable electricity. However, traditional TE materials are plagued...

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Nanocomposite design for solid-state lithium metal batteries: Progress, challenge, and prospects

Lithium metal batteries have gained significant attention due to their high energy density, making them a promising candidate for various applications, including electric vehicles and grid-scale energy...

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Exfoliation and dispersion of graphene nanoplatelets for epoxy nanocomposites

This article presents a systematic review over recent preparation techniques and their mechanisms for epoxy/graphene nanocomposites. Special honeycomb lattice nanostructure of graphene provides epoxy...

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Nanoarchitectonics of nanocomposite hydrogels based on cellulose nanocrystals for biomedical applications: A review

Cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) are rod-shaped crystalline nanoparticles generated by acidolysis of cellulose, and they exhibit exceptional physical and chemical properties as well as biocompatibility....

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Recent advances in multifunctional polymer/2D nanocomposite development for fused filament fabrication and direct ink writing of electrically and thermally conductive components

Advances in polymer nanocomposites presentmany opportunities for tuning material properties. In comparison to utilising zero-dimensional and one-dimensional filler materials, the advent of 2D materials...

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Recent research advances in hexagonal boron nitride/polymer nanocomposites with isotropic thermal conductivity

The rapid advancement of high-performance microelectronic devices highlights the critical need for developing materials with superior thermal conductivity to efficiently dissipate heat in advanced electronics....

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Advancing thermal comfort: an innovative SiO2 microsphere-decorated shish-kebab film composite for enhanced personal cooling

Due to the energy crisis and global warming, personal passive radiative cooling has gained increasingly more attention. However, the development of radiative cooling films with high performance and...

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A comparative study of polycarbonate nanocomposites respectively containing graphene nanoplatelets, carbon nanotubes and carbon nanofibers

In industrial settings, thermoplastics are frequently employed as the base materials for composites and often enhanced with micron-sized additives such as glass fibers for improved performance. This...

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Microstructures and nanomechanical properties of nanolaminated Ta/Co composites and their strengthening mechanisms

In this study, nanolaminated tantalum (Ta)/cobalt (Co) composites (NTCCs) with an individual layer thickness (h) ranging from 5 nm to 100 nm were fabricated via magnetron sputtering. The microstructures...

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MXene-based nanocomposites for nanofluidic energy conversion: A review

MXenes, a novel group of two-dimensional (2D) materials, have garnered significant attention due to their unique properties, including exceptional mechanical strength and electrical and thermal conductivity....

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Advancing photocatalytic concrete technologies in design, performance and application for a sustainable future

Photocatalytic concrete technology is gaining attention in sustainable building and infrastructure for its crucial role in catalyzing the decomposition of harmful air pollutants and improving air quality....

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Self-adhesive, stretchable waterborne polyurethane-based flexible film as wearable conformal strain sensor for motion and health monitoring

Wearable tensile strain sensors are of great importance in both motion monitoring and next-generation, personalized health diagnostics. The accuracy, reliability and stability of the signals obtained...

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Effect of nanocellulose on mechanical properties of cementitious composites – A review

In the quest for innovative construction materials that enhance sustainability and performance, cementitious composites incorporating nanocellulose (NC) have unveiled a new chapter. NC-reinforced composites...

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