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Towards a universal continuous knowledge base

In artificial intelligence (AI), knowledge is the information required by an intelligent system to accomplish tasks. While traditional knowledge bases use discrete, symbolic representations, detecting...

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A review of deep learning in question answering over knowledge bases

Question answering over knowledge bases (KBQA) is a challenging task in natural language processing. It requires machines to answer natural language questions based on large-scale knowledge bases. Recent...

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CPM-2: Large-scale cost-effective pre-trained language models

In recent years, the size of pre-trained language models (PLMs) has grown by leaps and bounds. However, efficiency issues of these large-scale PLMs limit their utilization in real-world scenarios. We...

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AI-driven drug discovery: A boon against COVID-19?

The COVID-19 is an issue of international concern and threat to public health and there is an urgent need of drug/vaccine design. There is no vaccine or specific drug yet made as of July 23, 2020, for...

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Neural machine translation: A review of methods, resources, and tools

Machine translation (MT) is an important sub-field of natural language processing that aims to translate natural languages using computers. In recent years, end-to-end neural machine translation (NMT)...

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Graph neural networks: A review of methods and applications

Lots of learning tasks require dealing with graph data which contains rich relation information among elements. Modeling physics systems, learning molecular fingerprints, predicting protein interface,...

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AI OPEN inaugural editorial

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Extracting Events and Their Relations from Texts: A Survey on Recent Research Progress and Challenges

Event is a common but non-negligible knowledge type. How to identify events from texts, extract their arguments, even analyze the relations between different events are important for many applications....

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User behavior modeling for Web search evaluation

Search engines are widely used in our daily life. Batch evaluation of the performance of search systems to their users has always been an essential issue in the field of information retrieval. However,...

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