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Fusions of industrialisation and digitalisation (FID) in the digital economy: Industrial system digitalisation, digital technology industrialisation, and beyond

This paper starts with exploring the nature of industrialisation, combined with the current hot research topic in the field of technology - digitization, and it seeks to reveal the fusion process of...

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Research agenda for the digital economy

In this study, a research agenda is proposed to understand the current development and future landscape of the digital economy. The shift from the industrial economy to a digital economy brings tremendous...

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Determinants of consumers' adoption intention for blockchain technology in E-commerce

While blockchain is considered to have many unprecedented characteristics, and its application is recognized as another new opportunity for the development of e-commerce, there is limited evidence on...

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Digital transformation, data architecture, and legacy systems

The benefits to data analytics and machine learning have been distributed unevenly across firms around the world. Research on IT productivity points to intangible capital as a key driver of value creation...

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Using social media big data for tourist demand forecasting: A new machine learning analytical approach

This study explores the possibility of using a machine learning approach to analysing social media big data for tourism demand forecasting. We demonstrate how to extract the main topics discussed on...

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The human ecosystem

The authors report on the Haier Group, a multinational business that primarily produces and markets manufactured goods and whose multiple business ecosystems are based not on traditional management...

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Ethical governance of artificial intelligence: An integrated analytical framework

Emerging technologies have faced ethical challenges, and ethical governance has changed over time managing these technologies. The governance paradigm has gradually changed from scientific rationality...

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Customers as knowledge partners in a digital business ecosystem: From customer analytics towards knowledge partnerships

Analyzing data of your customers and providing them with the best product or service is no longer sufficient within the digital economy to make your customers satisfied or even enthusiastic about your...

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Can digital economic attention spillover to financial markets? Evidence from the time-varying Granger test

The digital economy is pervasive, all-encompassing, and a pan-industrial revolution. This paper pioneers constructing a digital economy concern index by extracting the web search volumes of keywords...

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Costs or signals: The role of “Social insurance and housing fund” in the labor market — Evidence from recruitment platforms

In China's labor market, enterprises are allowed for some flexibility in deciding whether to provide “social insurance and housing fund” to laborers. This paper uses micro-data from two leading Internet...

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