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Perspective of leadership 4.0 in the era of fourth industrial revolution: A comprehensive view

Leadership 4.0 focuses on leaders developing their digital transformation strategy and ensuring alignment with the organization’s business and development ambitions. This is accomplished by successfully...

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An overview of the oil and gas pipeline safety in China

Emerging trends in digitization, intelligence, and low-carbon transition have significantly affected China's oil and gas pipeline development strategies. Emerging technology has resulted in significant...

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Research progress in mining ecological restoration technology

Owing to the extensive development and utilization of coal and carbon resources, the ecological balance of mining areas has been severely compromised, leading to detrimental effects on the surrounding...

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Progress and advancements of coal mine gas control and management for safe mining in China

Coal is a guarantee and ballast of China’s energy security, and the Chinese government strongly supports the development of the coal industry. The level of coal mine gas control and utilization in China...

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A concept for integrating robotic systems in an underground roof support machine

Traditionally, the roof bolting process is performed manually by skilled workers, which can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. It often exposes human operators to a number of risks. The bolt installation...

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Assessment of the benefits of cooling vests on working conditions of mine operators in hard climatic conditions: A case study

The impact of high temperatures and humidity in the work environment on workers in underground mines can be harmful and even dangerous to health, contributing to body dysfunction and health issues....

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Analysis of tire/gripper slip forces during the handling of large off-the-road tires

Handling large off-the-road tires poses significant safety risks in surface mines, often leading to fatal accidents. This study aims to scientifically address the industry-wide knowledge gap regarding...

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