Volume 1 Issue 2 Two open metal sites on the same metal sites on the same metal: Dynamics of CO2 in MOF UTSA-74

Published 06 January, 2022

Yingxian Li

Yingxian Li received her B.Sc. degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from University of Toronto in 2018 and M.Sc. degree in Chemistry from The University of Western Ontario in 2021. Currently, she is working in the pharmaceutical industry.

Wanli Zhang

Wanli Zhang received his B.Sc. degree in Materials Physics from University of Science and Technology Beijing, China in 2018 and the M.Sc. degree in Applied Physics from University of Tsukuba, Japan in 2020. Currently, he is pursuing the Ph.D. degree in the Department of Chemistry at The University of Western Ontario, Canada. His research interests include the gas adsorption and dynamics in MOFs, and characterization of the local structures around quadrupolar metal ions in MOFs via solid-state NMR spectroscopy.

Yining Huang

Yining Huang was born in Beijing, China. He obtained a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. degree from Peking University (China), and his Ph.D. from McGill University (Canada). After carrying out postdoctoral research at the University of British Columbia (Canada), he started his independent research career at Laurentian University (Canada). He is currently Professor and Chair in the Department of Chemistry, The University of Western Ontario (Canada).

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