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Flexible near-infrared organic photodetectors for emergent wearable applications

With the evolution of Industry 4.0, next-generation wearable devices have come under the spotlight, where organic electronics are playing an important role due to their flexible form factor, high performance,...

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Organic electrochemical transistor in wearable bioelectronics: Profiles, applications, and integration

Wearable bioelectronics attracts great interest as an important medium to bridge electronics and biological systems. As an emerging part of wearable electronics, organic electrochemical transistors...

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Wearable cuffless blood pressure monitoring: From flexible electronics to machine learning

Hypertension significantly contributes to the widespread occurrence of cardiovascular disease globally. Routine portable blood pressure monitoring is crucial for the prevention and screening of hypertension....

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Acidichromic organic crystals with manifold mechanical deformations for reconfigurable flexible optical tuner

Acicular organic crystals with micro- or centimeter scale in length have been widely employed as media for transducing self-emitted or inputted optical signals, i.e., active or passive optical waveguides....

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Applications of organic solar cells in wearable electronics

Recently, wearable electronic devices have been drawing considerable interest because of their versatility in a wide range of applications, including motion detection, smart clothing, and health surveillance....

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Intrinsically flexible organic phototransistors for bioinspired neuromorphic sensory system

With the development of the Human-Computer Interaction and Internet of Things applications, bioinspired wearable electronics have gained extensive attention. In view of the low-cost availability, multifunctional...

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Patterned growth of organic semiconductors for ultra-high resolution microelectronics and optoelectronics

With intrinsic properties of flexibility, biocompatibility and lightweight, organic semiconductors have gained significant interests and witnessed substantial progresses in microelectronics and optoelectronics....

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Navigating the landscape of wearable electronics

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