Study highlights undiscovered potential of bacterial compounds and genes linked to colon cancer-related toxin

The last two decades have seen the development of sophisticated computational tools that explore the DNA of bacteria. These tools look for interesting metabolites that illicit a strong biological reaction. Their impact might be toxic, or it might be life enhancing; for example, informing the development of new antibiotics, anti-cancer drugs or bio-based insecticides for use in agriculture. Scientists have developed a novel computational approach for analysing the DNA sequences of thousands of bacteria.

New, fully biodegradable cellulose membrane proves effective in oil-water separation

A group of researchers at Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry (part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences - CAS) have developed a new and improved method using two different cellulose materials. Their process allows them to obtain membrane materials for oil-water separation that are ‘all cellulose’ (cellulose with two or more different crystal forms). Importantly, as they outline in their study results, published in the KeAi journal Green Energy & Environment, their membrane is friendly to the environment.

New method offers a promising alternative for upgrading natural gas

In a study published in the KeAi journal Green Chemical Engineering, researchers describe an innovative, copper-based metal organic framework (Cu-MOF) they have developed to separate propane and ethane from methane. The MOF exhibits a high adsorption capacity and selectivity for C2–C3 hydrocarbons. And the adsorption isotherms at ambient conditions show a remarkable uptake (C3H8 of 134.0 cm3 g-1) and excellent selectivity of 204 and nine for C3H8/CH4 and C2H6/CH4.

Review identifies gaps in our understanding of how ML can aid stock valuation

Over the past two decades, researchers have used big data and machine learning (ML) methods to provide insight relevant for equity valuation. Many of these studies either use or inform on accounting variables. In the review, Prof. Nissim elaborates on two crucial areas that have received relatively little research attention to date: (1) the use of big data and ML methods to measure intangible assets; and (2) the incorporation of economic, financial and accounting structure in implementing ML algorithms. 

Mothers-to-be who follow a high-salt diet put their children’s future health at risk

High-salt diets are a major cause of death worldwide and can lead to cardiovascular diseases. As the daily salt intake in China remains high, a group of Chinese researchers used a rat model to explore the impact of a mother-to-be’s high-salt diet on their offspring. The team, from The Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University in China, has now published its results in the KeAi journal Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinical Medicine.

Latest CiteScores released for KeAi journals

The 2021 CiteScores - a metric that provides insights into the impact of scholarly journals of the world - have been released and we are delighted to share the excellent performance of KeAi journals.

Price noise proves the key to high performing ‘bets against beta’ investment strategies

In a study published in the KeAi journal The Journal of Finance and Data Science, Thorsten Lehnert, a professor at the University of Luxembourg's finance department, shows that the strategies’ exposure to non-fundamental price pressure from trading activities of mutual funds explains their success. His analysis is based on more than 30 years of flow data from bond and equity mutual funds and focuses on the US stock market.

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