Study finds that natural disasters can increase discrimination, including towards women

China’s Yellow River has a long and tumultuous history of flooding, and has been the cause of the some of the deadliest natural disasters ever recorded. Before the introduction of dams and other modern disaster management methods, floods would not only lead to multiple drownings, but spark long-term famines and the emergence of infectious diseases.

New 3D thermal management network could increase the safety of electric car batteries

Researchers from the US and China set out to find an economic but efficient battery thermal management strategy to keep battery temperatures within a safe range. In a study, published in KeAi journal Green Energy & Environment, they shared their findings – a 3D, interconnected, thermally-conductive boron nitride network that greatly improves thermal conductivity compared to random distribution.

Drug treatment moves closer for fibrosis, the condition behind a third of natural deaths

Fibrosis occurs when permanent scar tissue forms during wound healing and can strike almost any of the body’s tissues and organs with devastating consequences. In fact, statistics show that it contributes to at least one-third of the world’s natural deaths each year. In this study, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) proposed a pioneering treatment based on the inhibition of cell mechanical contractions.

New process offers promising route to decarbonising thermal energy

In a study, published in the KeAi journal Energy and Built Environment, researchers at China’s Shanghai Jiao Tong University outline a new process that reduces one of the greatest issues around thermal energy storage and transmission – heat loss to ambient air temperatures – by up to a third.

New LiMn2O4 electrode could pave the way for electrochemical recovery of lithium from brine

Lithium has been dubbed the ‘energy metal of the 21st century’. Most of the world's lithium is now extracted from oil well brines, salt-lake brines and geothermal waters. However, increasing the efficiency of the brine lithium recovery process remains a key goal for researchers working in the field. This study describes a new approach using a specially-designed version of a LiMn2O4 electrode, which has the potential to address this issue.

Estimating reward & risk with machine learning improves portfolio performance by up to 28%

In a study published in KeAi’s The Journal of Finance and Data Science, Michael Pinelis and David Ruppert of US’ Cornell University used macroeconomic data to forecast the monthly prevailing volatility in the US stock market, in addition to the expected return. Previous studies have focused on just the monthly expected return, or predicted both components with simple linear models.

GaN-based CMOS circuits make power integrated systems more efficient

Complementary logic integrated circuits, also known as CMOS IC, are some of the highest performing logic circuits and offer a promising pathway to meeting those goals. A series of high-performance, GaN-based CMOS logic circuits, which all display the desired “CMOS-like” characteristics have been developed. In this paper, the authors describe how these circuits could have the potential to cut the power consumption of the logic control unit in conversion power systems by 20-30%.

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