Why digital transformation projects fail and how data architecture can help

The study drew on detailed survey data. This was collected by Keystone Strategy and Microsoft via in-person interviews with senior technology executives at more than 100 Fortune 1000 corporations, with combined revenues of over $4 trillion. The survey covered a comprehensive set of technical frameworks and advanced tools developed by digital natives in data analytics and AI adoption.

Peer Review Week 2022: Four reviewers share their views on trust and research integrity

This year’s PRW is dedicated to the theme “Research Integrity: Creating and supporting trust in research”. During the week of 19-23 September, organisations worldwide will host events and activities to highlight the ways in which peer review reinforces confidence in scholarship. We reached out to four peer reviewers for KeAi journals to ask them for their thoughts on this important topic.

KeAi joins forces with SSRN to post research online faster

In support of open science, we at KeAi are delighted to announce 63 KeAi journals now offer their authors a free preprint posting service. This provides authors with the opportunity to register and disseminate their research earlier in the publication process and consequently increase the potential for earlier citations and collaboration.

Novel design for dual-atom catalyst could reduce the environmental impact of ammonia production

The Haber-Bosch process is the only option currently available for industrial production of ammonia, but the elevated temperature and pressure it requires, leads to high energy use and CO2 emission rates. As a result, researchers have been seeking new energy-saving and eco-friendly methods for ammonia synthesis. The electrocatalytic reduction of dinitrogen, a colorless, odorless gas that makes up approximately 78% of the Earth's atmosphere, is proving a promising approach.

Wildlife photography DOES impact birds’ breeding behaviour – but not in the way you might expect

According to Xiaocai Tan, an ornithologist and PhD candidate at Guangxi University in China, this focus on birds’ nests has worried scientists, who are concerned that the close proximity of humans to the nesting sites might negatively impact bird reproduction. However, in a study published in the KeAi journal Avian Research, she and her colleagues discovered that quite the opposite is true.

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