Plant Diversity

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Plant Diversity

Open access

Plant Diversity (formerly Plant Diversity and Resources) is an international plant science journal that publishes substantial original research and review papers thatadvance our understanding of the p...

Plant Diversity (formerly Plant Diversity and Resources) is an international plant science journal that publishes substantial original research and review papers that

  • advance our understanding of the past and current distribution of plants,
  • contribute to the development of more phylogenetically accurate taxonomic classifications,
  • present new findings on or insights into evolutionary processes and mechanisms that are of interest to the community of plant systematic and evolutionary biologists.

While the focus of the journal is on biodiversity, ecology and evolution of East Asian flora, it is not limited to these topics. Applied evolutionary issues, such as climate change and conservation biology, are welcome, especially if they address conceptual problems. Theoretical papers are equally welcome. Preference is given to concise, clearly written papers focusing on precisely framed questions or hypotheses. Papers that are purely descriptive have a low chance of acceptance.

Fields covered by the journal include:

  • plant systematics and taxonomy
  • evolutionary developmental biology
  • reproductive biology
  • phylo- and biogeography
  • evolutionary ecology
  • population biology
  • conservation biology
  • palaeobotany
  • molecular evolution
  • molecular biology
  • comparative and evolutionary genomics
  • physiology

Plant Diversity publishes original articles, review articles, short letters, modeling/theory and methods articles, rapid reports and special thematic issues.

The journal is affiliated with Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Botanical Society of China.

Cryptic divergences and repeated hybridizations within the endangered “living fossil” dove tree (Davidia involucrata) revealed by whole genome resequencing

Stomatal dynamics are regulated by leaf hydraulic traits and guard cell anatomy in nine true mangrove species

Molecular analyses display the increasing diversity of Podostemaceae in China

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1. Pollinator diversity benefits natural and agricultural ecosystems, environmental health, and human welfare

2. Plant diversity in a changing world: Status, trends, and conservation needs

3. Ethiopian vegetation types, climate and topography

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Call for Papers

Special issue on plant diversity changes in QTP since the Anthropocene

Submissions close: 28 February 2023

Orchids in China: Biodiversity and Conservation

Special Issue on Ethnobotany: The Future of Plant Conservation

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