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Crystal engineering in the development of improved Pesticide products

Pesticides might be the only group of poisonous chemicals that are widely sprayed into the environment, but the use of pesticides is inevitable for crop protection and infectious disease control. When...

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Synthetic biology: A powerful booster for future agriculture

Abstract: Future agricultural development needs to solve the food security crisis caused by the global food shortage and the environmental demand for green and sustainable technology. The vigorous development...

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Molecular science for the future agriculture 4.0

•Agriculture is the basis for human survival.•Chemistry will play an even greater role in the development of agriculture in the future.•Agriculture will create a better life for human beings in the...

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Biosensor for agriculture and food safety: Recent advances and future perspectives

Climate change and the growing world population leading to agriculture and food safety are global challenges facing humanity, while biosensors have long been regarded as one of the powerful tools for...

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Recent development of organic small-molecule and nanomaterial fluorescent probes for hydrazine

Hydrazine, an essential chemical, has been used within a wide spectrum of industries, including pesticides, pharmaceuticals and even satellite-launching systems. However, the excessive consumption of...

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Design of an HPPD fluorescent probe and visualization of plant responses to abiotic stress

The upregulation of 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase (HPPD) can protect plants from adverse abiotic stress. Therefore, studying the changes of HPPD under abiotic stress is extremely valuable. In...

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Nanozymes enable sensitive food safety analysis

Food safety has become a subject of major concern in controlling food contamination and supervision. Effective detection and analysis methods need to be urgently exploited to cope with this grand global...

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