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Security of railway control systems: A survey, research issues and challenges

With the rapid development of railway transportation, higher requirements for capacity are increasing and amount of communication, computer and control technologies are applied in train control systems...

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Study on the technologies development trend of high speed EMUs

High speed railway technologies are rapidly development in the world. The total distance of the high speed railway is more than 40,000 kilometers in China, and many types of high speed Electrical Multi-Units...

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Research on the intelligent supervision and operation platform of railway real estate

Railway real estate is the fundamental element of railway transportation production and operation. Effective management and rational utilization of railway real estate is essential for railway asset...

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Rail fastener detection of heavy railway based on deep learning

Image detection based on machine learning and deep learning currently has a good application prospect for railway fault diagnosis, with good performance in feature extraction and the accuracy of image...

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Improving rail vehicle dynamic performance with active suspension

Today, it is difficult to further improve the dynamic performance of rail vehicles with conventional passive suspension. Also, simplified vehicle respectively running gear layouts that significantly...

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Wireless channel estimation for high-speed rail communications: Challenges, solutions and future directions

With the development of High-Speed Rail (HSR), countries and individual passengers alike have enjoyed far ranging benefits as a result – economic, social, environment and in added convenience. One of...

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Image Fusion Methods in High-speed Railway Scenes: A Survey

Image fusion refers to extracting meaningful information from images of different sources or modalities, and then fusing them to generate more informative images that are beneficial for subsequent applications....

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A method for calculating strand tension in the anchor span of a suspension bridge considering the rotation of a splay saddle

This paper reports a method for strand tension in anchor spans considering rotation. A kind of co-moved coordinate system, a saddle local coordinate system, was set up. This system implemented the rotation...

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Study on key technologies of GNSS-based train state perception for railway signaling

The application of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSSs) in the intelligent railway systems is rapidly developing all over the world. With the GNSS-based train positioning and moving state perception,...

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Incompatible thermal deformation of interlayers and corresponding damage mechanism of high-speed railway track structure

In the service period, the instability of ballastless track bed are mostly related to the damage of interlayers which are mainly resulted from the incompatible thermal deformation of interlayers. The...

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A reasoning diagram based method for fault diagnosis of railway point system

Railway point system (RPS) is an important infrastructure in railway industry and its faults may have significant impacts on the safety and efficiency of train operations. For the fault diagnosis of...

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MmWave extra-large-scale MIMO based active user detection and channel estimation for high-speed railway communications

The current High-Speed Railway (HSR) communications increasingly fail to satisfy the massive access services of numerous user equipment brought by the increasing number of people traveling by HSRs....

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Behaviour of non-ballast pre-stressed and precast track structures in high speed railway based on multiscale finite element model

In order to make further study on the mechanical property of CRTSIII type slab non-ballast track structures, which was self-designed in China, based on the method of the multiscale finite element model...

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Mechanical Properties of Foamed Polyurethane Solidified Ballasted Track

Foamed polyurethane solidified ballasted track (FPSBT), an innovative railway track, is formed by solidifying ballast bed with foamed polyurethane. Compared with the traditional discrete ballasted track...

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Mechanical deformation Properties of Continuous Welded Rail on Kilometer-Span Suspension Bridge for High-speed Railway

The complex bridge-track interaction between kilometer-span bridges and Continuous welded rail(CWR) brings great challenges to CWR designing. Taking a suspension bridge with laying CWR as a case, the...

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