Call for papers

Open access

ISSN: 2772-7351

Aquatic Ecological Survey and Assessment

Submission deadline: 31 January 2025

Lentic versus lotic: Biodiversity research in regulated rivers

Submission close: 25 December 2024

Urban Aquatic Ecosystems

Submission close: 30 June 2025

Mine Tailings Facility Disasters: Aquatic Ecological Effects and Policy

Submission deadline: 30 June 2025

Marine biota: a ripe resource for effective, new drugs

Submission close: 30 June 2024

Non-perennial Stream and River Ecology

Submission deadline: 30th Jan 2025

Mangrove ecosystems: importance, threats, research, policy, and conservation

Submission deadline: 30th June 2024

Topic: Fish microbiota research

Submissions close: 30 June 2023

Topic: Advances in cetacean research and conservation

Submission closes: 20 December 2023

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